Lockdown Unlocks World First Evolution in Motorcycle Helmet Safety

Lockdown Unlocks World First Evolution in Motorcycle Helmet Safety

While the world remained in lockdown limbo, The Helmet Inspection Company went from concept to release in simply 16 weeks, providing the world’s very first non-destructive helmet security evaluation innovation.

When Aberdeen-Based entrepreneur, and eager motorcyclist, Martin Slowey dropped his brand-new bike helmet prior to lockdown, his concern was an easy one: “Is my helmet still safe to utilize?”.

The response, nevertheless, was not.

After days of browsing and emailing, he relied on the web, hoping that somebody may understand of an option. They didn’t. The agreement was that you just had 2 alternatives: risk it or bin it. Having actually invested almost ₤500 simply 2 weeks formerly, Martin hesitated to risk it however naturally dissatisfied about the expenditure of changing it ‘simply in case.’ He would like to know for sure.

With no option emerging, Martin acted and, The Helmet Inspection Company was born. Now entering its 6th month, this innovative service is drawing in attention from public security, defence and expert motorsport organisations throughout the UK while continuing to service personal motorsports customer orders through its site portal, where consumers can reserve and track their helmet scan, organize a door-step collection, shipping or additionally find a close-by authorised drop-off centre.

Working with CTO Prof John Tyrer, the UK’s leading specialist on laser innovations, The Helmet Inspection Company clinically identifies the stability of a helmet external shell utilizing shearography, a laser-based innovation utilized in maritime and air travel to check composite product stability.

” From dropped and dented helmets to issues about age, environment or provenance, there are numerous factors that riders have actually picked to scan their helmets, however, at the end of the day, all of it boils down to something: comfort.” Said CEO Martin Slowey,
” Our helmets are safety-critical littles set. We never ever get on a bike without them, and yet, while we inspect our brakes, tires and so on, we tend to select our helmets based upon a series of non-safety requirements and after that not provide much believed after that– till something occurs! This service permits both for reactive peace of mind in case of prospective damage and proactivity for those who wish to construct a more conscious security regimen.”

With over 1.5 million motorbike owners in the UK – just 1%of roadway traffic – motorcyclists represent over 20%of deaths and serious injuries in roadway traffic mishaps. As a growing market, the variety of bikes on UK roadways increases every year, and with it, the requirement for quality, trustworthy security equipment has actually never ever been more severe. While the $700 Million premium helmet production market continues to bloom year on year, the capability to carry out non-destructive screening has actually been an unmet obstacle– up until now.

CTO Prof John Tyrer stated:

” According to making standards, a lot of helmets have a shelf-life of around 3-5 years. The natural deterioration of EPS lining mostly drives this, however this does not make the external shell unsusceptible to destruction. Cleaning up items, temperature level modifications, effect damage and other ecological elements can wear down or compromise the external shell, and this damage is basically unnoticeable to the naked eye. Our innovation permits our group to carefully survey the composite stability of the external shell to identify damage or deteriorating to the structural stability, which may jeopardize its capability to do its task in the minutes that matter. This level of certainty allows riders to make an educated option about when they require to change their helmet”.

And it’s this capability to ‘see the unnoticeable’ that has actually the marketplace thrilled.

Unlike metal or plastic, modern-day composite helmets are created to spread out the energy created in an effect. They do this by inverted fracturing when affected, suggesting that they fracture inside the helmet external shell on this underside of the product. This permits the lining to soak up and spread out the shock of the effect and limitation damage to the riders head. As soon as the external shell is jeopardized, it renders the helmet basically worthless in regards to head defense. This extremely reliable style likewise makes damage unnoticeable to a visual examination.

The capability of The Helmet Inspection Company to likewise identify structural deterioration and weakening of the composite at point of scan permits riders to be more proactive in thinking about age, wear and tear on what might probably be referred to as the most important piece of armour.

With assistance from throughout the motorcycling market, the recently established business has a growing variety of collection and drop off points within retail outlets, led by Ducati Manchester Group, and has actually just recently revealed a collaboration with Bennetts Insurance to provide discount rates to their Bike Social Members.


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