Ford Teams Up with Battery Recycler to Change How EVs Are Manufactured

Ford Teams Up with Battery Recycler to Change How EVs Are Manufactured



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Ford has actually invested $50 million in Redwood Materials, an EV battery recycling business established by ex-Tesla chief innovation officer JB Straubel. Not just does this collaboration provide Ford a location to send out old batteries, however it positions the motor business at the leading edge of sustainable EV production, as it wishes to establish a ” closed-loop” supply chain with Redwood.

Recycling invested lithium-ion batteries is a really uphill struggle, which is why they tend to wind up in land fills. If a battery is fortunate sufficient to be recycled(and not simply delivered off to a strange “recycling” plant), then it will go through a melting-and-extraction procedure to eliminate basic materials, such as copper and cobalt (the most costly products in L-ion batteries).

But this recycling procedure mishandles, pricey, and exceptionally energy-intensive, so really couple of recycling business want to go through the problem. Not to discuss, the lithium-ion recycling procedure can be rather inefficient. Batteries with a decreased capability might wind up in recycling although they’re still helpful for undemanding jobs.

Redwood Materials wishes to totally alter the lithium-ion recycling procedure. It wishes to establish what’s called a “closed-loop” supply chain where brand-new batteries are made from recycled products rather of imported products. If done properly, Redwood might decrease U.S. dependence on foreign providers. It might likewise restrict the violent and ecologically doubtful mining practices that we see today.

Oh, and it might assist U.S. business like Ford reduced production expenses. While we need to praise Ford and Redwood Materials for their ecological pursuits, we require to acknowledge that cash is still the inspiring force for any organization. Here’s to hoping that Ford and Redwood make a lot of cash, I think!

Source: Ford, Redwood Materials through The Verge

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