All About Quannabu, the Cryptocurrency Built for the Cannabis Industry

All About Quannabu, the Cryptocurrency Built for the Cannabis Industry

In 2019, merchant processor Fortress Payment Technologies revealed that it would no longer have the ability to accept Visa payments for cannabidiol (CBD) associated items. The statement just offered merchants 8 hours’ notification of the modification, this is simply one example of the lots of monetary difficulties that the marijuana market has actually dealt with when attempting to process deals for cannabis-related items.

Unfortunately, since legislation and guidelines in the marijuana market are still progressing, the market is regularly handling these challenges. To prevent any possible threats, even in locations where marijuana is now legal, many banks, charge card business, and payment service providers will prevent working straight with marijuana deals.

Due to troubles confronted with deals, lots of organizations are inclined to utilize money as their basic payment technique. Keeping money provides an entire host of issues for services. Not just are companies’ security jeopardized with the increased possibility of theft, however likewise their worker’s security when carrying money.

To offer an option to the issue the marijuana market has actually been dealing with, London-based start-up Quannabu has actually released a decentralized payment network for cannabis-related deals on the blockchain. Quannabu likewise has a payment platform called Quannabu Pay, which is developed on the blockchain and permits organizations and customers to effortlessly move funds with no monetary obstacles.

The business’s monetary option for the marijuana market will not just have its own type of cryptocurrency, however likewise a protected facilities in location. Because legislation is still an operate in development for numerous nations, guidelines are continuously altering and have actually produced a complex and in some cases disjointed supply chain. This indicates that authorities have a more difficult time tracking the supply of marijuana.

Thanks to Quannabu’s blockchain innovation, the business has actually produced an item that lessens prohibited activity by enabling police to track the source and supply of all marijuana items. This suggests that federal governments can track the motion of marijuana and stop any illegal blood circulation in its tracks, producing more area for a much safer and controlled market.

The openness into the supply chain that Quannabu offers will not just increase supply chain presence to police, however likewise customers, makers, and providers. Through this option, the business is increasing trust and producing a more secure market as a whole.

In addition to the business’s supply chain option, token offering, and safe and secure payment platform, it likewise runs Quannabu Labs, a groundbreaking screening lab that is committed to CBD-related activities on and off the blockchain– the only operation of its kind on the planet.

Lastly, the business is likewise working towards developing its really own hemp farm, to farm pharmaceutical-grade hemp. The center will have accredited screening devices so it can regularly and precisely check its plants.

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