Yuanfudao Announces Entry Into Business Education Market, Launches New Brand “Feixiang Planet”

Yuanfudao Announces Entry Into Business Education Market, Launches New Brand “Feixiang Planet”

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Today, Chinese online tutoring company Yuanfudao revealed its main entry into the clever education market and will now concentrate on business education The business will quickly release a brand-new brand name of instructional innovation, called Feixiang Planet, for the federal government and schools, supplying public schools with clever education platforms and items to satisfy their technical and service requirements.

Tianyancha reveals that Beijing Feixiang Planet Technology Co., Ltd. is 100%wholly-owned by Beijing Xiaoyuan Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which is an associated business of Yuandaodao. Beijing Feixiang Planet Technology Co., Ltd. was officially developed in 2021 with an authorized capital of 100 million yuan ($16 million), and its legal agent is Li Xin, the co-founder of Yuanfudao.

People near to Yuanfudao informed the TMTPOST APP that Yuanfudao’s entry into the enterprise-education field will take place eventually. The core factor is that they have 3 primary benefits. In the previous 10 years, Yuanfudao has actually constantly invested more than 10 billion yuan in innovation R&D. Yuanfudao has a big instructional innovation group, particularly the AI Lab Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. Yuanfudao has actually collected hundreds of millions of users.

Employees exposed to TMTPOST APP that the existing service has actually gotten in the phase of R&D and screening, and will be quickly released in China. This company is marked as the Innovative Product Research Department in the business, which incorporates the core innovation, R&D and item workers of the business.

In 2020, Yuanfudao finished G1 and G2 rounds of funding amounting to $2.2 billion. At that time, after the conclusion of funding, the appraisal of Yuanfudao reached $155 billion. Yuanfudao’s funding procedure has actually come to an abrupt stop, and absolutely nothing has actually been launched this year.

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Rumors about Yuanfudao’s change to offer down coats has actually been running widespread recently. According to media reports, the present down coat group of Yuanfudao is a small group of 3-4 individuals, which is an effort by the business’s employer and is not always associated to Yuanfudao’s core organization at the minute.

On Wednesday, someone knowledgeable about the matter stated that the previous media reports were incorrect. The business has actually not changed to offer down coats, however just bought a clothes business.

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