The Week Unwrapped: tech tiffs, shipping shortages and mammoth science projects

The Week Unwrapped: tech tiffs, shipping shortages and mammoth science projects


Why has Elizabeth Holmes’ lawsuit divided viewpoint? What is triggering Ikea’s shipment tailbacks? And could wooly mammoths wander the earth once again?

Olly Mann and The Week dive behind the headings and discuss what actually matters.

In this week’s episode, we talk about:

Tech tiffs

The long-awaited scams trial of Elizabeth Holmes is lastly underway. When the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire, Holmes is now to be tried out 10 counts of wire scams and 2 counts of conspiracy to devote wire scams while working as CEO of Silicon Valley tech start-up, Theranos. The district attorneys and defence have actually set out their opening arguments for what is set to be a prolonged case.

Shipping lacks

An around the world shipping container lack is setting off increasing rates for containers and the possibility of empty racks this Christmas. A few of the world’s greatest business, consisting of Ikea and Walmart, have actually required to chartering their own ships in an effort to stem the shipment tailbacks. Is this simply a short-term supply chain blip, or an indication that the terrific leviathan of container shipping can no longer keep speed with our altering world?

Mammoth science jobs

A group of researchers and business owners have actually formed a brand-new business that intends to genetically reanimate the woolly massive within the next years. Called Colossal, they declare that the reintroduction of countless genetically crafted mammoths to the Siberian tundra might assist fight environment modification. Is bringing the long-extinct types back to life feasible – let alone ethical?

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