RoboDeck Simplifies Costly Home Deck Maintenance

RoboDeck Simplifies Costly Home Deck Maintenance

Home upkeep is a substantial market, and there’s no end of items that deal with house owners. As innovation has actually enhanced, house automation items and wise gadgets have actually started emerging. These gadgets do whatever from begin an oven to run house security.

Fortune Business Insights approximates that the house automation market, likewise called domotics, will grow to $114 billion by2025 IoT items were greatly represented just recently in Techcrunch’s Disrupt 2021 occasion, however one house upkeep item stood out above all others.

RoboDeck’s totally automated wood deck upkeep and cleansing robotic turned a couple of heads as it took part in TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield. Gal Frenkel, RoboDeck’s Co-Founder and CEO, thinks his item brings deck upkeep to the 21 st century. How legitimate is his claim?

Easy Maintenance

The deck upkeep market is approximated at $10 billion, according to RoboDeck. Generally, preserving a deck is a pricey and time-intensive procedure. Owners need to spray their decks, power clean them, use sealant, and wait on their decks to dry. All informed, this procedure puts house dress up of commission for a minimum of 5 days or more.

At very first glimpse, RoboDecks’ robotic appears like a developed variation of the Roomba. A lot is going on under the hood, according to Frenkel, and this makes RoboDeck highly remarkable. For beginners, deck cleansing is more complicated than vacuuming a flooring. Decks have spaces, cliffs, and require routine sealing to guarantee they’re in leading condition.

RoboDeck’s service performs preventive upkeep every couple of weeks, getting rid of the requirement for expensive manual intervention. The robotic is geared up with Nvidia GPU processors and counts on neural networks to browse decks. The business’s trademarked Gap Sensor identifies spaces and cliffs and acts appropriately.

The robotic likewise spots furnishings, that makes deck upkeep a breeze for owners. No more coming down on your knees and scrubbing constantly!


RoboDeck intends on offering its robotic and sealant cartridges by means of regular monthly memberships that permit clients to pay-per-use. Consumers living in snowy locations will utilize their robotics less and will pay less. The outcome is 50%expense savings each year for property owners and a remarkable outcome to boot. Establishing cost-effectiveness was a leading concern for RoboDeck’s group, according to Frenkel.

Their service utilizes exclusive air-spraying innovation that uses a portion of the spray common deck upkeep needs. This indicates preventive upkeep is simple, and lower spray volumes remove the requirement to change cartridges frequently. In addition, the robotic’s system does not require cleansing or flushing after usage.

The spraying system includes 2 patents and uses a 20- micron thick layer of stain on decks, compared to the 200 micron thick sprays standard upkeep usages. The robotic itself is 4 inches high and utilizes non reusable cartridges. Hence, it’s simple to keep, and storage is basic. While RoboDeck can not change a weathered or battered deck, it can guarantee that a deck in good to good condition continues to stay so.

The spray RoboDeck utilizes is transparent and does not alter the deck’s color, which gets rid of another issue for house owners. The robotic immediately guarantees the clear protective coat is on at all times and can keep a deck up to 500 feet long on a single charge and cartridge.


Many sprays utilized when staining decks tend to include damaging chemicals that harm the environment. RoboDeck’s spray is environmentally friendly and is water-based. Frenkel likewise declares that routine deck upkeep makes sure a longer life for deck wood, getting rid of the requirement to change it with fresh lumber.

He mentions experiments the business carried out, suggesting the efficiency of RoboDeck’s option compared to conventional ones. The outcome is an environmentally-friendly option that lasts longer and is power effective. House owners can manage their RoboDeck bots through the app and order a short tidy or a complete spray of their decks.

The business is presently dealing with a docking station for bigger decks that charges the robotic effectively. In addition, upkeep scheduling, multi-deck assistance, and spray level tracking is easy through the app. Thanks to all of the robotic’s systems being housed within, owners do not require extra tech or facilities to get their bots running.

They merely push a button and accomplish problem-free deck upkeep.

Cutting-Edge Technology

RoboDeck’s service is far more than a novelty bot that cleans up surface areas. Thanks to exclusive innovation and environmentally-friendly style, RoboDeck’s bot provides a substantial raft of benefits to deck owners. Not just does it provide cost-efficient cleansing, however it likewise extends a deck’s life expectancy.

Fully automated deck care innovation is here, and RoboDeck’s option is an interesting one that ensures a beautiful deck 365 days of the year.

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