Restore Oceans, Recycle Waste to Energy, Revive Ocean Marine Life: Impact of the GAIA FIRST GPGP project presented by Gianni Valenti at TEDx Münster

Restore Oceans, Recycle Waste to Energy, Revive Ocean Marine Life: Impact of the GAIA FIRST GPGP project presented by Gianni Valenti at TEDx Münster

” Imagine this huge location– that remains in this very minute continually eliminating wildlife, poisoning our waters and obstructing Phytoplankton from finishing natural CO2 absorption and conversion to oxygen– ending up being the extremely “green fuel” for its own removal in a circular circulation of energy.”

– Gianni Valenti, President of GAIA FIRST at TEDx Münster 2021

The Gaia First GPGP Project

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is the biggest of the so-called plastic continents at 1.6 Mn sq kilometers in size consisting of 80,000 tonnes of drifting trash. Its size can be corresponded to almost 3 times that of France or the state of Texas. GAIA FIRST’s GPGP task will deal with the threefold goal of Restoring, Recycling and Reviving, in order to tidy up the GPGP and transform the waste discovered there into green energy– specifically hydrogen– utilizing gasification innovation The hydrogen produced will be utilized to sustain the boat and the gasification procedure, in a self-sufficient system.

This operation has the capacity of balancing out CO2 emissions equivalent in size to 4 times the whole Amazon rain forest as eliminating the waste particles will leave space for Phytoplankton to finish natural CO2 absorption and conversion. It is crucial that the world grasp the significance of oceans with regard to Climate Change and take a look at actionable strategies to enhance the existing circumstance.

TEDx Münster

Gianni Valenti, creator and president of the NGO GAIA FIRST, was welcomed to provide his job at the yearly TEDx conference in Münster, Germany. We wish to welcome the public to remain tuned for the release of the TEDx talk on YouTube in the coming weeks. We ‘d like to call upon all readers/listeners to visit our site to more notify themselves on the job and to follow our actions by means of our social media accounts.


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The ecological NGO “GAIA FIRST” is based in Paris and is made up specifically of volunteers. Its group of active members lie in 25 various nations, collaborating to raise awareness and to perform concrete regional actions on a global scale and concurrently. In addition to the GPGP task, we likewise arrange “around the world regional tidy up” throughout which groups in different nations clean up the garbage from cities. These occasions satisfy the function of raising awareness and encouraging all people to end up being regional stars in bring back the tidiness of their town’s natural surroundings.

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