RCEP Qingdao Design Festival opens September 17

RCEP Qingdao Design Festival opens September 17

Qingdao, China, Sept 16, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – RCEP Qingdao Design Festival will officially go for the Qingdao Industrial Design Innovation Center (QIDC) on Friday, Sept17 The Festival will take “New Design Dynamic” as its style, and will hold the Opening Ceremony, Design Exhibition, Design Forum, Design Workshop, Design Innovation Journey, Design Night and other activities going through Sept 21, intending to collect worldwide forces, check out the development of commercial style, and produce a cultural banquet with the global interaction worth of commercial style at its core.

RCEP Qingdao Design Festival will be hosted by the Qingdao Shibei District People’s Government and Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry & Information Technology and arranged by the Shibei District Bureau of Industry & Information Technology, Qingdao International Design Center, Qingdao Industrial Design Association, Qingdao Daily Press Group and Qingdao Shibei District Construction Investment Group.

Experts Gather, Create a Global Design Event

RCEP Qingdao Design Forum will hold a two-day workshop concentrating on the style of “New Dynamic”. Shi Jun, Deputy Director of the Economic Committee of the 12 th CPPCC National Committee, David Kusuma, President-Elect of the World Design Organization, Enea Colombo, Global President of Icona Design Group, Nariman Bashiri, Founder and President of BJORKA, Andy Liu, Founder and CCO of Oracle Creative Design, Cathy Huang, President, Service Design Network Shanghai Chapter, Yang Xiaoguang, General Manager, Longjie Technology, Zheng Dedong, Director, Institute of Tourism and Landscape, Southeast University, and Cyndi Chiu, Founder of Second White Design, have actually been welcomed to share frontier style ideas, normal style cases, and the current patterns in style.

In addition, Design Night and the Qingdao Industrial Design 2021 Grand Prix Award “Mayor’s Cup” Ceremony will be hung on the night of September17 Popular designers in the house and abroad, jury specialists, agents of federal government companies and media agents will collectively take part in the numerous awards of the “Mayor’s Cup”. A trip with the style “Moon on the Sea” was held previously, the activity utilizes interactive gadgets, somatosensory expression, light and shadow tunnel and other experience jobs to direct public involvement, trigger psychological resonance and promote the idea of commercial style.

Multiple Integration, Show Unlimited Creativity

RCEP Qingdao Design Festival will run the RCEP Design Innovation Exhibition and user experience style exhibit. Amongst them, RCEP Design Innovation Exhibition has actually gathered more than 100 works that have actually won worldwide style awards such as Japan’s G-Mark excellent style award, South Korea’s excellent style award and Australia’s great style award, and reveals the innovative items from timeless style, modern style and future style around the 4 plates of culture, innovation, city and future. Concentrating on the 3 ideas of brand-new types, brand-new services and brand-new experience, the user experience style exhibit reveals ingenious propositions such as brand-new innovative science and innovation classifications, interactive experience gadgets and brand-new media art, so that the general public can completely feel the constantly enhanced lifestyle brought by the style power.

Inspiration Collision, Activate Urban Renewal Force

During RCEP Qingdao Design Festival, the Qingdao International Design Center (QIDC) will hold a Design Workshop in the Fab Lab Qingdao and Dark Horse Design Thinking Lab, welcoming professionals, scholars and commercial style lovers from all over the world to experience the appeal of commercial style and recognize the exchange and accident of cultures and believing modes of all nations.

In order to promote the application of commercial style worth, RCEP Qingdao Design Festival specifically established the style activity, the Design Innovative Journey. Professionals lead other domestic and foreign professionals, scholars and market agents to perform on-the-spot examinations, see Qingdao’s commercial chain and get a close understanding of Qingdao’s commercial benefits.

Qingdao is the primary node city of the brand-new Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor and the “Double Positioning” city of the tactical fulcrum of maritime cooperation. It has natural geographical benefits in taking part in RCEP local financial and trade cooperation. The RCEP Qingdao Design Festival intensely promotes the deep combination of commercial style and associated markets, empowers the city economy, boosts style competitiveness and serves the nationwide method through style, welcoming the future with a more open mindset.

RCEP Qingdao Design Festival

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