Infamous cormorant hunting season starts again Great Lakes Cormorants formed to bring common-sense and science in aid of Ontario’s cormorants

Infamous cormorant hunting season starts again Great Lakes Cormorants formed to bring common-sense and science in aid of Ontario’s cormorants

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TORONTO, Sept. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)– Great Lakes Cormorants (GLC), a global cumulative of researchers, specialists, landowners, sportspersons, worried members of the general public and non-governmental companies who acknowledge the useful eco-friendly function that cormorants and other fish-eating birds play in Ontario, was formed in action to the Ontario cormorant hunt.

Today is the 2nd day of Ontario’s Double-crested cormorant open season, a hunt that has actually been commonly slammed by researchers, wildlife supporters, cottagers and worried members of the general public as being undesirable, unneeded, and without clinical benefit.

The very first cormorant open season in the fall of 2020 produced reports of random killing of the birds, stacks of bodies being disposed on roadsides and little nests being targeted. Nobody understands the number of birds were eliminated, however the issues of individuals throughout the province were confirmed.

According to GLC collaborating member Barry Kent MacKay, “Opposition to this ridiculous cormorant hunt is far higher than I ever envisioned it would be and it’s growing. Individuals of all stripes, consisting of members of the searching and angling neighborhood, have actually spoken up versus the hunt.”

Liz White, Executive Director of Animal Alliance of Canada, includes, “The open season permits certified hunters to eliminate as much as 15 cormorants daily throughout of the 3 1/2 month hunt. There’s no optimum variety of cormorants that can be eliminated and no tracking. If even a small portion of Ontario’s 197,000 hunters chose to get involved, cormorants might be back on the course to near termination in Ontario.”

” These birds have actually been unjustly demonized. The war versus them makes definitely no sense. It’s time for Ontario to focus on the science and not to the dubious claims of unique interest groups who desire the cormorants eliminated,” stated chartered biologist Rob Laidlaw.

Great Lakes Cormorants is focusing its efforts on informing the general public about the important environmental function played by cormorants, promoting science, eliminating longstanding misconceptions and false information, and promoting for the security of cormorants and other fish-eating birds.

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