I Never Want to Stop Riding the LeMond Prolog

I Never Want to Stop Riding the LeMond Prolog

The finest item is generally the one that provokes an instant, visceral, psychological reaction. It does not matter how well anything works, or how well priced it is– be it a dongle, a phone, or a set of earphones— if you are not adequately inspired to open package and utilize it.

You can develop a psychological reaction in a variety of methods, however for an e-cyclist, Greg LeMond’s Prolog strikes all the best marks. It’s an amazingly lovely (and marvelously pricey), light-weight carbon-fiber electrical bike. It has a hybrid, lean-over frame with straight handlebars, a 250- watt rear-hub Mahle drivetrain, and an 11- speed Shimano GRX gravel-specific tailoring system. And in LeMond himself, it likewise has a engaging backstory

It is lovely, light-weight, and remarkably enjoyable to ride, however it sticks out from the electrical bike field for a variety of factors, a lot that it’s extremely tough for me to suggest that the typical individual searching for an ebike purchase this one. If you are a bike individual who desires an ebike, this is the one you ought to most likely purchase.

Box Cutters

Photograph: LeMond

Let’s support here and discuss product packaging. Many high-end bikes do not come direct-to-consumer. These are costly, effective makers that can harm you actually severely if something fails, so a great deal of makers wish to secure their credibility by dealing with credible, associated sellers and mechanics to hand their bikes off.

When I’ve gotten direct-to-consumer bikes, it’s been struck or miss out on. In some cases they get here in terrific shape, however if the bike expenses under $1,000, it typically does not. Forks get here horrendously bent, or the mangled tailoring hangs out of a stab injury in the side of the cardboard.

Then the maker informs you, “We do not have actually any left in stock, so you can either fix that a person yourself, or you can mummify package in duct tape, schedule your own FedEx pickup, and not get a replacement for 3 months.” It’s bothersome– not that I’m speaking from individual experience or anything

It’s an exceptional act of rely on both FedEx and the client that LeMond developed his own product packaging to deliver a $4,500 bike direct-to-consumer, without a mechanic to do things like check the brakes. In regards to defense and ease of opening– simply move the pre-tuned bike out, and the actions and devices are plainly identified– it’s method ahead of the pack. The only product packaging I’ve seen that even comes close is VanMoof’s

However, it does behoove you to understand a bit about bikes. I followed the guidelines and put it together, to wiggling the little reflectors into the spokes. When I happily hopped on and rode down the street, the seat instantly went craaack I had actually forgotten to change and tighten up the angle of the seat, which, in my defense, is not something that you generally consider with an ebike. When a motor is doing the majority of the work, you can generally get away with less-than-ideal ergonomic conditions.

Lighten Up

Photograph: LeMond

The bike has a 250- watt Mahle rear-hub motor with a 36- V Panasonic battery. It’s not the most effective motor you’ll discover in the United States, which sets the legal limitation at 750 watts, however it’s plenty when the bike weighs just 26 pounds. In contrast, the next lightest bike that I’ve attempted is the Specialized Turbo Vado SL, which weighed 33 pounds.

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