Google Pixel 6 isn’t getting as many Android updates as some people think

Google Pixel 6 isn’t getting as many Android updates as some people think

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At the Google Pixel 6 launch occasion, the business turned some heads when it validated the brand-new phone, along with the Pixel 6 Pro, would be getting 5 years of updates – that’s an Apple iOS-rivaling quantity.

However there’s been some confusion – some individuals have actually taken that to imply the phones will get 5 years of running system updates, probably to Android 17, however based on Google’s assistance page, that’s not really the case.

The phones will really have 3 years of running system upgrades, to Android 15 if it’s called that, with an additional 2 years of security upgrades to spot any personal privacy defects in the phones. Many telephone company continue to service their gadgets with security spots after they stop getting running system upgrades.

Confusion is easy to understand, as individuals who aren’t especially tech-savvy might have problem distinguishing in between os and security updates. For clearness, Google has actually ensured Android updates till 2024, and security updates till 2026.

It’s possible that Google might continue to use running system upgrades previous 2024 – the business has actually just validated it will not stop supporting them prior to then – however that stays to be seen. It’s unworthy purchasing choice based upon that possibility.

Analysis: does that destroy the worth proposal?

Some individuals might be thinking about purchasing Google Pixel 6 offers for its 5 years of Android updates: if that’s you, this news may make you reevaluate your phone purchasing choice.

Android phone makers typically aren’t as proficient at supporting their mobiles for long quantities of time as Apple is, though that business has other methods of making its older gadgets redundant (with power downgrades and bad battery deterioration).

For example the current Fairphone 4 – an environment-friendly mobile phone – is getting Android updates up until a minimum of 2025, which is another year than the Pixel 6 certainly will. This belongs to Fairphone’s drive to get individuals to utilize their mobiles longer.

It’s curious that Google’s brand-new phone isn’t the very best gadget for experiencing Google’s own software application, however ideally the business will shock us and support the Pixel 6 variety for longer.

We’ll require to wait and see, however that’s not a helpful response for individuals in the market for a handset now. Perhaps it’s much better simply to purchase a Fairphone rather.

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