Evil Genius 2 Finds Perfect Crossover With Their Free “Portal” Expansion

Evil Genius 2 Finds Perfect Crossover With Their Free “Portal” Expansion

Yes, There Will Be Cake

Ever wished to simply, like, be GLaDOS? Establish test chambers, force heroes through them, and broaden Aperture Science’s impact through the world? Portal‘s setting appears ripe for a base-management simulator, and while that video game does not (yet) exist, Evil Genius 2 definitely does. And now, a complimentary growth uses PC gamers a possibility to live out that dream.

Evil Genius 2 is currently a workout in wish-fulfillment, and now this portal growth provides numerous more opportunities for wicked habits. Disobedience’s video game puts gamers in the function of atrocious mastermind with sights set on world dominance– providing a lot of traditional spy-movie tropes for gamers to deal with. Now that Valve’s Portal joins their ranks, fans of either franchise can take pleasure in some pleasantly on-theme experiences used by this upgrade.

The growth consists of a brand-new “test chamber” space type, 4 brand-new traps (consisting of the video game’s popular “repulsion” and “propulsion” gels), 3 brand-new Lair products to update your base (consisting of those fantastic turrets), extra side story goals, and more. Gamers are likewise offered the capability to staff their center with robotics rather of individuals (or a mix of both!), if they truly wish to lean into that Portal visual.

Sim video games have actually constantly had a contingent of gamers who wish to do maniacal things to their NPCs, and this growth permits them to follow those dreams. Given that the video game sometimes generates “heroes” for you to ward off, you’ll need to establish a lot of traps to keep your base safe. Since this growth lets you develop not simply traps, however “test chambers”, you have an entire toolbox of methods to put those heroes through “simply clinical experiments”. The video game now provides a bevvy of tools to trigger wicked plans, from caught walls to send out heroes down a course you produce, to the ominously-named “cake-that-is-a-lie” (coupled with the “real cake” choice). What sort of “experiments” will you run?


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