Aorus reveals a next-gen gaming PC concept

Aorus reveals a next-gen gaming PC concept

Out of the blue, Aorus has actually exposed its idea for a next-generation video gaming PC, Project Cielo. It definitely looks various, with its triangular stacking structure, and it is declared to be modular too. Is it truly “the future of video gaming”?

As an idea PC, one can forgive Gigabyte/ Aorus for being a little light on the information. There are actually no tech specifications to share. On impression, I believed the 3 different modular sectors of the principle style might be; CPU, GPU, and power/storage– something like that. Aorus’ vision and modular style isn’t like that at all; the principle as revealed consists of “the primary system, the battery pack, and the Bluetooth speaker”. Looking more carefully at the images, those module descriptions use from leading to bottom. On top, on the primary PC system unit, you will likewise see the angel cake-like wings of the 5G antenna.

It appears like Aorus reckons 5G is extremely crucial to the future of video gaming PCs. “Compared to the conventional wired or 4G cordless networks, 5G makes PC video gaming on the go possible by providing higher bandwidth, ultra-low latency and near-instant access to cloud video gaming,” it discusses, in a news release about Project Cielo Will PC video gaming rely more on fantastic connection in the future rather than having remarkable processing power in the chassis– that appears to be the Aorus angle, which is a bit odd for the PC video gaming wing of Gigabyte to promote. Why not utilize a quickly luggable 5G tablet for such portable high-jinks rather, with a huge bonus offer– it has a screen.

In the item description, Aorus exposes an even looser tie to present video gaming PC principles, “Users can integrate any of the 2 parts and satisfy their requirements for video gaming, home entertainment or other mobile applications.” This idea PC does not even require the bit that is the PC …

This may be one of the very first idea modular PCs of current years that I have no hope for or interest about. It will for that reason most likely be among the very first to make it previous idea into retail, however fingers crossed for a no-show at CES 2022.

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