Android 12 supports native app clone profiles  for certain apps

Android 12 supports native app clone profiles for certain apps

Android 12 is currently authorities however some brand-new information emerged through the main Android 12 Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) which exposes a brand-new native app clone function for Pixel users. This permits users to have different circumstances of the exact same app state an immediate messaging customer.

I’ve been offering the Android 12 CDD a really comprehensive read, and I simply found something rather intriguing.

Looks like Android 12 silently included a brand-new profile type called “Clone.” Android appears to lastly natively include app cloning assistance, without the odd work profile hack!

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) October 18, 2021

As elaborated by Mishaal Rahman, the native cloning function will permit users on stock Android to have more than one circumstances of the very same app without needing to go through making a different work profile on their phone. Google’s CDD file explains the clone profile function as “a user profile type utilized to run 2nd circumstances of an otherwise single user App (e.g., messengers)”. Just the main user is permitted to have a clone profile.” It stays to be seen what apps will work with this function.


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