Valve’s “Deck Verified” program evaluates which Steam games are Steam Deck-ready

Valve’s “Deck Verified” program evaluates which Steam games are Steam Deck-ready

Examine yourelf prior to you Deck yourself–.

” Verified” video games require to deal with Steam Deck manages, have understandable text, and more.

Enlarge/ Games that make the “Deck Verified” checkmark will appear in the “Great on Deck” tab of the Steam Store.


Valve states it has actually begun the procedure of examining all of the 10s of countless video games in the Steam brochure for compatibility with the upcoming Steam Deck portable The business is doing the evaluation as part of a brand-new educational program called “Deck Verified.”

Games that supply “a terrific, smooth experience” and “work excellent on Steam Deck right out of package” will get a green “Deck Verified” inspect mark on the Steam shop and library user interfaces. They will likewise appear on the default “Great on Deck” tab when the Store is seen on the Steam Deck itself. Games will get that check mark if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • Input: Games need to have “complete controller assistance” and the capability to gain access to all material utilizing the Steam Deck manages, without any changes required. This consists of using on-screen “glyphs” that match those of the Steam Deck buttons or those on the Xbox 360/ One (lots of Steam video games currently do this for compatibility with console variations or console controllers). Any in-game text entry need to be done utilizing just the controller or an on-screen keyboard.
  • Display: Games need to consist of native assistance for 1280 x800 or 1280 x720 resolution and consist of a default setup that performs at a “playable framerate” on the hardware at that resolution (Valve has actually formerly guaranteed that ” truly the whole Steam library” can fulfill this limit on the Steam Deck hardware). On-screen text needs to likewise be understandable when the screen is held 12 inches from the face; Valve states this implies no letter must be less than 9 pixels in height, though a 12- pixel height is suggested.
  • Seamlessness: Games should not toss up any compatibility cautions when working on Steam Deck, and gamers need to have the ability to browse any third-party launchers with the controller.
  • System assistance: The video game needs to work with the SteamOS natively or with the Proton compatibility layer that permits Windows video games to operate on the Linux-based system. This consists of any middleware and/or anti-cheat software application utilized in the video game.

Enlarge/ An example of a video game that satisfies all the Deck Verified requirements.

Enlarge/ Older video games may require some updates to completely reach Deck Verified status.

Half-Life: Alyx will officially show up as “Unsupported” on the Steam Deck.” data-height=”1359″ data-width=”2176″ href=””>Half-Life: Alyx will officially show up as “Unsupported” on the Steam Deck.” height=”400″ src=”×400.jpg” width=”640″>< a alt =" VR video games like Half-Life: Alyx will formally appear as” Unsupported” on the Steam Deck.” data-height =”1359″ data-width =”2176″ href =” deckver3.jpg “> < img alt =" VR video games like Half-Life: Alyx will formally appear as” Unsupported “on the Steam Deck.” height =”400″ src =” deckver3-640×400 jpg” width =”640″ >

VR video games like Half-Life: Alyxwill formally appear as “Unsupported” on the Steam Deck.


Games that do not rather reach the Verified suitable can still make a yellow” Playable” badge if they run however “need some additional effort to communicate with or set up.” That consists of video games that need manual controller or graphics setup on very first launch, video games with”
missing out on or unreliable controller glyphs,” and video games where gamers require to utilize the touchscreen for whatever factor.

Other video games will just be noted as” Unsupported” on Steam Deck. Those consist of all virtual truth video games and video games that are incompatible with Proton( the latter group will have any compatibility problems logged by Valve to repair moving forward). Games that have not yet been examined for Steam Deck compatibility will just have their compatibility revealed as” Unknown” in the Steam user interface.

Let the evaluations start

Enlarge/Deck Compatibility badges will appear along with the cost on the Steam Store.


Steam designers can demand a Steam Deck compatibility evaluation for their video games by hand, however some back brochure video games that” Valve recognizes … as essential to Steam Deck clients “will be contributed to the evaluation queue” based upon automated heuristics. “

The evaluation procedure must take about a week, according to Valve’s price quotes( topic to need), after which designers will get “comprehensive point-by-point outcomes “of the evaluation. After that, designers will have a chance to repair any impressive problems and demand a re-review prior to the outcomes are released. Otherwise, any outcomes will be immediately released after a week. Titles will be re-reviewed” as the designer launches updates or the Deck’s software application enhances,” Valve states.

While gamers can link the Steam Deck to a screen and utilize a mouse and keyboard, Valve composes that “our company believe most clients will be dealing with the Deck like a portable device, the majority of the time.” The Deck Verified program will hence be concentrated on how video games work when the Steam Deck is being utilized with no external peripherals.

Despite that, Valve’s designer standards explain that “clients searching the Steam shop on Deck aren’t avoided from seeing or buying material that might not work well on their gadget … You’ll constantly have the alternative to run whatever you desire on Steam Deck. It’s your Deck.”

Enlarge/ Browsing your Steam Library will make it clear at a glimpse which of your video games are completely suitable with the Steam Deck.

Back in 2013, when Valve initially attempted to target console players with its Steam Machine hardware effort, we recommended that the business present an accreditation program to set minimum requirements for which video games would run well on the variety of SteamOS-based hardware The Deck Verified program satisfies a few of that guarantee and must make it simple for Steam users to find out just how much of their library will deal with this brand-new Steam hardware at a look.

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