Sabrina Arriving in Riverdale Is Not What We Need to Talk About

Sabrina Arriving in Riverdale Is Not What We Need to Talk About

Look what the black feline dragged in.
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Riverdale‘s initial concept of insane was that Archie Andrews was sleeping with his instructor and Jason Blossom was really dead. Five seasons and a cult, numerous murders, some supernatural beasts, and 2 instructors arbitrarily jumping out of the very same damn window, anything goes– so at this moment, the truth that a brand-new trailer heralding a long-awaited crossover is so bananas need to be unsurprising. And yet, reader. And yet

The CW has actually exposed a take a look at the five-part occasion, “Rivervale,” that will both begin Riverdale‘s 6th season of shenanigans and generate Kiernan Shipka’s very much missed out on Sabrina Spellman, from the cancelled Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina At first the weirder of the 2 programs provided that it was, well, actually about Satanic specialists of the dark and violent magical arts, Shipka’s teenage witch may as well be the most regular individual in Riverdale at this point.

Cheryl Blossom–Queen of the Bees— is hectic leading her own cult-slash-coven-slash-excuse-for-fabulous-robes after discovering that a person of her ancient Blossom forefathers was burned at the stake in Ye Olden Riverdale, the most terrific technique to leaning into scary season you can possibly imagine. There are numerous evil spirits and a minimum of one male declaring to be the Literal Devil. Betty is talking a upsetting quantity about how she desires Archie’s Baby All of this is occurring after Cheryl cursed the town and likewise Hiram Lodge attempted to from another location denotate a bomb and eliminate Archie mid-sexytimes with Betty. The looking glass is up until now behind us that the looking glass is a dot that executive manufacturer Robert Aguirre-Sacasa happily marked on while yelling “Queen of the Bees! Queen of the Bees! Queen of the Bees!

Anyway, Sabrina’s here to assist sort things out. Or make it weirder, I dunno, most likely that in fact. Riverdale returns November 16, so you have practically a month to get ready for whatever psychic damage it will toss at you.

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