Jason Report on the Impacts of Large Satellite Constellations

Jason Report on the Impacts of Large Satellite Constellations

The U.S. National Science Foundation commissioned a research study by the independent science advisory group JASON to evaluate the effect of present and organized big satellite constellations on huge observations in2020 The charge for JASON was to:

  • Understand the types and varieties of spacecraft prepared for launch in the next years.
  • Understand the existing regulative procedure for industrial launches to Low Earth Orbit, both in the U.S and globally.
  • Characterize the kinds of disturbance that spacecraft might have on observations of several types, particularly in the optical and infrared wavelength programs.
  • Gather and explain the series of observations presently being made and anticipated for the future.
  • Suggest any extra information that must be collected to much better comprehend the scope of the issue for the future.

NSF commissioned the report as a resource for all stakeholders. The JASON group had broad discretion in building its report and recognizing pertinent problems. The report sets standards and the structure for talking about the effect on astronomy at different wavelengths.

NSF is examining the report’s findings and suggestions and means to continue to deal with stakeholders on the advancement of shared services.

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For concerns connected to the report contents, contact Mitre Corporation at glong@mitre.org

For concerns associated with NSF’s astronomy program, contact mpscomms@nsf.gov

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