Fortnite’s Dune Crossover Gives Us the Real Mind Killer: Smooth Timothée Chalamet

Fortnite’s Dune Crossover Gives Us the Real Mind Killer: Smooth Timothée Chalamet

Who is this guy and what has he finished with Paul Atreides?
Image: Epic Games

The sun has actually increased and set, the earth has actually turned, which indicates that it’s time for another enormous partnership for among the most significant pop cultural leviathans on earth– Star Wars, and Marvel canon connection destroyer and a remarkably excellent car for Batman Fortnite. This time it’s Dune, and while that’s not odd any longer, a cheekbone-less Timothée Chalamet definitely is.

Director Denis Villeneuve isn’t using audiences a possibility to enjoy a clip or a few of his previous motion pictures within the fight royale video game like his fellow directors Chris Nolan and J.J. Abrams— I believe his head would perhaps take off— rather Epic Games has actually hired Chalamet and Zendaya, or a minimum of their similarities, to promote brand-new skins for Paul and Chani readily available in the video game. Players will have the ability to purchase themselves the alternate skins, along with devices recreating Paul’s knives and Chani’s Fremen Maker Hooks, knapsacks influenced by the Fremkits in the film, a glider based upon the Ornithopter, and, hilariously, an emote that makes your character walk like they’re attempting to prevent disrupting a sandworm:

Anyway, it’s not that Dune is concerning Fortnite that’s the troubling thing here. Fortnite is completely enjoyable for the zillions of individuals who play it, which audience base implies that a motion picture tie-in is type of like a line of Funko pops or odd advertisements where individuals playing never-ceasing godlike beings shill cars and trucks: it’s to be anticipated What’s not to be anticipated is how Fortnite‘s cartoony art design– its true blessing that handles to cohesively put Rey Skywalker, Deadpool, Lara Croft, Ripley from Aliens, and a banana in a tuxedo all in the exact same video game so Superman can shoot them with a weapon– has actually provided us possibly the most cursed visual to come from Dune yet: Smooth Chalamet.

Reader, it interrupts me. Whatever we’ve seen of Paul’s gaunt behavior in the brand-new Dune is gone here, and Chalamet’s distinct face has actually been submitted down into that Fortnite design. A fantastic thing was lost in the journey from Arrakis to Fortnite‘s violent island, and for that, we should grieve. Or at least make Smooth Chalamet do the Floss.

The Dune cosmetics for Fortnite are readily available in-game beginning today.

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