Weebit Demonstrates Successful Scaling Of Its ReRAM Technology To 28nm

Key highlights:

  • Weebit, together with its advancement partner CEA-Leti, show production-level specifications for its ReRAM innovation at 28 nm
  • Key action in productising the innovation for the ingrained memory market
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  • Weebit’s ReRAM innovation can support smaller sized geometries utilized in AI, self-governing driving, 5G and advanced IoT
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  • Weebit’s ReRAM is well-positioned to be an essential memory innovation for ingrained non-volatile memory for sophisticated procedure nodes where flash memory is no longer practical

HOD HASHARON, Israel, Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)– Weebit Nano Limited(ASX: WBT), a leading designer of next-generation memory innovations for the worldwide semiconductor market, together with its advancement partner CEA-Leti, have actually shown production-level specifications of Weebit’s Resistive Random-Access Memory (ReRAM) innovation in a 28 nanometre (nm) procedure.

Demonstrating production level specifications of Weebit’s ReRAM innovation at 28 nm is a crucial action towards productisation of ingrained Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) for applications such as AI, self-governing driving, 5G, and advanced Internet-of-Things (IoT) processors.

Weebit and CEA-Leti, the French research study institute identified as a worldwide leader in the field of microelectronics, collectively evaluated, characterised and determined practical 1 Megabit (Mb) ReRAM selections in a 28 nm procedure innovation on 300 millimetre (mm) wafers, the biggest size utilized in mass production and the requirement in innovative nodes.

The 28 nm ReRAM ranges are carried out utilizing a little and power-efficient changing gadget, making the most of the low power and low voltage abilities of the 28 nm procedure, and making it possible for an approximately 4 times increase in memory density. Evaluating of Weebit’s one-transistor-one-resistor (1T1R) ReRAM varieties, embedded in 28 nm Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator (FDSOI), showed its toughness with excellent endurance and information retention together with other production-level quality criteria.

This effective presentation of dependability and effectiveness at 28 nm highly places Weebit’s ReRAM innovation to be an essential memory innovation in NVM for innovative procedures where it is no longer technically or financially possible to embed flash memory innovation.

Olivier Faynot, Head of Silicon element Division at CEA-Leti, stated: ” The semiconductor market is continuously transferring to smaller sized geometries for sophisticated procedures. Considering that ingrained flash deals with scalability difficulties listed below 40 nm, business today utilize complex and ineffective services when embedding it into their chips. The market has actually been weeping out for a brand-new innovation to be successful flash memory in innovative geometries, and these outcomes reveal Weebit has a feasible option.”


Commenting on another essential advancement turning point attained by Weebit, CEO Coby Hanoch stated: ” Weebit, through its close collaboration with CEA-Leti, has actually currently shown the substantial benefits of its ReRAM innovation at bigger geometries, and we have actually now revealed that we can effectively scale this innovation to 28 nm. Mark Liu, Chairman of TSMC, the world’s biggest fab, just recently called 28 nm ‘the sweet area for our ingrained memory applications’ given that the 28 nm geometry is extensively released in a series of applications and is thought about the entrance to the most sophisticated procedure nodes.

” Given the accomplishments we have actually handled in reducing Weebit’s innovation to date, our company believe our ReRAM innovation can scale to most sophisticated nodes, making it possible for Weebit to provide an extremely competitive ingrained memory service that changes flash memory for leading-edge applications.


” Weebit’s very first business handle SkyWater was a significant turning point for the Company, supplying business recognition of our ingenious innovation and allowing us to bring Weebit’s advanced ReRAM innovation to volume production at 130 nm. With our ReRAM innovation now accomplishing production-level specifications at 28 nm, we are substantially broadening the series of possible markets and overall addressable market for Weebit’s advanced memory innovation.”

This statement has actually been authorised for release by the Board of Weebit Nano Limited.

About Weebit Nano Limited Weebit Nano Ltd. is a leading designer of next-generation semiconductor memory innovation. The business’s ground-breaking Resistive RAM (ReRAM) resolves the growing requirement for substantially greater efficiency and lower power memory options in a variety of brand-new electronic items such as Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, mobile phones, robotics, self-governing cars, 5G interactions and expert system.

Weebit’s ReRAM enables semiconductor memory components to be considerably much faster, more economical, more dependable and more energy effective than those utilizing existing Flash memory options. Since it is based upon fab-friendly products, the innovation can be rapidly and quickly incorporated with existing circulations and procedures, without the requirement for unique devices or big financial investments.

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