Third ADC With Synaffix’s Technology Enters Clinical Development

AMSTERDAM, Sept. 29, 2021/ PRNewswire/– Synaffix B.V., a biotechnology business concentrated on advertising its clinical-stage platform innovation for the advancement of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with best-in-class healing index, today reveals that its partner Shanghai Miracogen has actually started a Phase I trial in the United States with MRG004 A, an ADC created to deal with strong growths. This is the 3 rd ADC constructed with GlycoConnect ™ ADC innovation to get in the center.

Synaffix signed a licensing arrangement with Shanghai Miracogen ( now completely owned by LEPU BIOPHARMA CO., LTD), a Chinese biotechnology business with a clinical-stage pipeline of ADCs, in2019 This significant advancement has actually set off a turning point payment to Synaffix.

MRG004 A is an ADC targeting human Tissue Factor (TF), conjugated utilizing GlycoConnect ™ website particular conjugation innovation. In preclinical research studies, MRG004 A displayed substantially enhanced stability in flow, boosted effectiveness and tolerability compared to the standard ADC innovation.

Mary Hu, CEO of Miracogen and Co-CEO of Lepu Biopharma stated:

” We have actually been really delighted with our cooperation with Synaffix and the information that we produced with ADCs constructed with its impressive ADC innovation. MRG004 A has actually shown the prospective to end up being a best-in-class TF-targeted ADC and to deal with high unmet medical requirement for clients.”


Peter van de Sande, CEO of Synaffix, stated:

” This is an essential turning point in our cooperation and we anticipate continuing our effective collaboration as Miracogen establishes numerous best-in-class ADC item prospects utilizing our innovation.


There are now 3 ADCs that were developed with Synaffix’s ADC innovation in scientific advancement. We have actually now revealed 6 cooperations that we have actually developed with biotech and pharma partners worldwide and more than 10 ADCs are being established under those license arrangements. We eagerly anticipate revealing more development and extra collaborations in the coming months.”


In the last couple of months, Synaffix has actually signed substantial arrangements with Kyowa Kirin, an international specialized pharmaceutical business; ProfoundBio, an emerging oncology biotherapeutics business; and Innovent Biologics, a leading biopharmaceutical business establishing ingenious medications for the treatment of significant illness. These can be found in addition to preexisting cooperations with ADC Therapeutics, Mersana Therapeutics and Shanghai Miracogen.

About Synaffix B.V.


Synaffix B.V. is a biotechnology business that makes it possible for ADC item prospects utilizing its clinical-stage, site-specific ADC innovation platform. In addition to GlycoConnect ™ and HydraSpace ™ innovation, the toxSYN ™ linker-payload platform complete a totally complementary innovation platform that makes it possible for any business with an antibody to establish exclusive best-in-class ADC items under a single license from Synaffix.

The Synaffix platform makes it possible for a fast timeline to center due to the developed supply chain of innovation elements. Approved patents covering Synaffix’ innovation offer end-to-end security of the production innovation along with the resulting items through a minimum of2035 Business design of Synaffix is target-specific innovation out-licensing, as exhibited through its existing handle ADC Therapeutics, Mersana Therapeutics, Shanghai Miracogen, Innovent Biologics, ProfoundBio and Kyowa Kirin.

Synaffix is backed by a leading tier, European, life science-focused financier distribute that consists of Aravis, BioGeneration Ventures, BOM Capital and M Ventures.

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About Shanghai Miracogen and Lepu Biopharma


Shanghai Miracogen is a scientific phase biotech business totally owned by Lepu Biopharma. Lepu Biopharma is an innovation-driven biopharmaceutical business concentrating on oncology rehabs. There are presently 8 medical phase drug prospects in the pipeline consisting of 5 ADC drugs, 2 immune check point inhibitors and one oncolytic infection. The ADC drug prospects are presently in the stage I and stage II scientific research studies carried out in both China and United States. These targeted ADC drugs have actually been established primarily in the treatments of head and neck cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, urothelial cancer, biliary system cancer, cervical cancer and lymphoma.

Lepu Biopharma is dedicated to end up being a leading ingenious business serving the unmet medical requirements of cancer clients with first-in-class and best-in-class drugs. The business makes every effort to continually establish a market distinguishing pipeline by integrating internal research study and advancement, and tactical partnerships in China along with through collaborations worldwide.

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About The Synaffix ADC Platform Technology


Synaffix’ exclusive ADC innovation platform includes GlycoConnect ™, HydraSpace ™ and toxSYN ™ innovations. Both GlycoConnect ™ and HydraSpace ™ are clinical-stage innovations that make it possible for best-in-class ADCs with substantially improved effectiveness and tolerability.

GlycoConnect ™ is a conjugation innovation that makes use of the native antibody glycan for site-specific and steady payload accessory and is tunable to DAR1, DAR2 or DAR4 formats.

HydraSpace ™ is a compact and extremely polar spacer innovation that is developed to even more improve healing index, especially with hydrophobic payloads. toxSYN ™ is a linker-payload platform that covers secret, verified MOAs for ADC item advancement, consisting of SYNtecan E ™ and SYNeamicin G ™, to name a few linker-payloads.

The mix of these 3 innovations offers designers with a “one stop” and user friendly ADC innovation platform, enabling any antibody designer to establish its own exclusive ADC and any ADC designer to broaden its pipeline even more and increase its competitive position.

At the most current World ADC United States occasion, Synaffix was acknowledged with top place in the “Best ADC Platform Technology” award classification at the World ADC Awards event following a worldwide evaluation of innovations, ballot by market peers and last examination by a panel of independent market professionals.

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