Nintendo files patent for new 4K upscaling tech – are they being honest about devkits?

Nintendo files patent for new 4K upscaling tech – are they being honest about devkits?

Evidence has actually emerged that Nintendo is attempting to make its own variation of DSS innovation, recommending it is interested in 4K visuals.

The Bloomberg report previously today, about Nintendo having actually sent out 4K advancement packages (the unique consoles utilized to make video games) to 11 various designers appeared really persuading, specifically as it makes good sense that Nintendo would presently be dealing with either a more effective design of Switch or a brand name brand-new console.

In an extraordinary relocation though Nintendo rapidly rejected the entire story, most likely since they didn’t wish to postpone anybody from purchasing the impending Switch OLED design.

Although another source– the Spanish variation of Gamereactor— did substantiate Bloomberg’s story there’s no tough proof behind any of it, and no chance to refute Nintendo’s rejection. What we do understand is that the business is absolutely interested in 4K upscaling.

Given how reputable Bloomberg generally is, the concept that it knew on 11 various designers and all of it ended up being incorrect does appear not likely.

What fans on Resetera discovered though is 2 attempted patent filings, which have actually not yet been approved, for AI upscaling innovation comparable to Nvidia’s DLSS and Intel’s XeSS.

The creators all appear to be based in France, which recommends they might operate at NERD (Nintendo European Research & Development) in Paris.

Although the patent does not particularly speak about consoles it does discuss the truth that the innovation can be sped up by matrix reproduction hardware such as Nvidia’s Tensor Cores.

While this does not straight connect to the Bloomberg story, it is evidence that Nintendo is dealing with brand-new hardware and particularly 4K visuals (they’re probably attempting to develop their own DLSS design tech so they do not need to pay to licence it from Nvidia).

Whether it’s a brand-new design– the legendary Switch Pro– or a totally brand-new console is difficult to inform however there’s plainly more to this story than is being formally acknowledged.

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