Netflix’s Midnight Mass: The ending explained and all your questions answered

Netflix’s Midnight Mass: The ending explained and all your questions answered

Midnight Mass is a slow-burning secret with an explosive ending.


After The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor, scary auteur Mike Flanagan is back with another thoroughly layered scary series to relish. All 7 episodes of Midnight Mass are streaming now on Netflix If you’re reading this post, you most likely understand the program has a high opportunity of being the very best scary series of the year.

Midnight Mass sees Riley Flynn, a guy haunted by a dui mishap, go back to his home town on Crockett Island, where he has a hard time to discover a function in life. Get in the strange Father Paul. What are Father Paul’s intents? Why did he have red eyes in the series trailer? Is he the … devil?

Let’s dive into all the responses listed below, in full-on spoiler area.

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Father Paul– is he great or bad?


Any Easter eggs?

A lot. Flanagan fans understand that a prop unique entitled Midnight Mass has actually been peppered throughout the director’s other works, from 2016’s Hush to 2017’s Gerald’s Game.

Midnight Mass was referenced in 2016’s Hush

Kate Siegel, who plays Erin Greene, starred in the 2016 scary Hush as an author who composes a book entitled Midnight Mass.

” Because [Hush] was a low-budget motion picture, we required a story that Maddie, the primary character might compose– she’s an author in the story. We required a book that would not cost us any cash,” Siegel informed Pop Culturalist “Mike resembled, ‘Oh, I have this now-defunct concept for an unique called Midnight Mass. I have actually 3 chapters composed. We can utilize that so we can utilize those pages and we can utilize that story.”

She continued, “If you look, there’s a screengrab in Hush where you’re taking a look at Maddie’s computer system screen and it states, ‘The red and blue lights of the police vehicle twinkle off the Jesus fish.’ That’s the very first shot of Midnight Mass

Flanagan and Carla Gugino cameos

Another Easter egg: Flanagan himself appears in a cameo in episode 3. A member of the trip group on trip in the Holy Land, his character assists to direct the senior, dementia-suffering Monsignor Pruitt. Oh– and Carla Gugino, who starred in Hill House and Bly Manor, has a short voice cameo as the judge in the very first episode.

The antique mirror from Oculus appears in the leisure center

For anybody who’s seen Oculus– Flanagan exposed he embedded a big nod to the 2013 scary starring Karen Gillan into scenes set in the leisure. The film’s titular had, antique mirror can be seen in the background, resting on the phase throughout Riley’s AA conferences.

” It’s behind them in the profile [shots] on phase,” Flanagan informed Entertainment Weekly “It’s all ending up being extremely complicated, actually linked. That’s our objective. I desire all of [these projects] to simply be a huge ball of elastic band by the time we’re done, simply difficult to liberate from each other.”

Is Midnight Mass based upon a real story?

Yes and no.

Midnight Mass originates from a really genuine location for developer Mike Flanagan and has actually been preparing for a while. Flanagan was raised Roman Catholic and acted as an altar young boy at his parishes on Governors Island in New York and in Bowie, Maryland. In this small-town setting, “midnight mass, that was a quite huge offer,” Flanagan stated in the Making of Midnight Mass Netflix featurette

” Midnight Mass has actually remained in my head because prior to I had a profession,” he continued. “The concept of a Catholic parish in a separated neighborhood that seems going through some sort of incredible spiritual revival– that’s what preceded.”

But networks handed down the concept till the success of The Haunting anthology saw Flanagan get the sweet thumbs-up from Netflix.

Flanagan likewise stated that Riley Flynn is based upon himself in such a way, that he’s Flanagan’s sort of “avatar” in the story. “Back in the days when I consumed, there were times where I seemed like the effects weren’t going to use to me.”

Flanagan stated his other impacts consist of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, Needful Things and The Mist.

The Flynn household.


Who uses Monsignor Pruitt’s hat and coat?

The figure Riley Flynn goes after on the beach throughout the huge storm at the end of episode 1 is, obviously, the Angel in Monsignor’s signature fedora and long coat. When Riley stumbles, it offers the Angel sufficient time to vanish, most likely flying up into the air. Some homeowners talk about seeing a big albatross sweeping throughout the sky above the island, a bad prophecy.

How did the Angel get to Crockett Island?

In episode 1, we see a scene in which a strange figure gets in the pastor’s home. He moves an enormous chest throughout the flooring and opens it. Odd occasions occur. In episode 7, Monsignor Pruitt states that he paid off and lied to smuggle the Angel to Crockett Island, inside the trunk.

Hello Mr. Angel.

Netflix/CNET screenshot.

What occurred to the felines?

A wild-cat problem is thriving on the island, reported to have actually been brought on by individuals bringing animals from the mainland. The cats’ diet plan has actually been a little non-traditional. Up up until the ’20 s, homeowners utilized to bury their departed member of the family in their backyards. Throughout an especially significant storm, the Uppards location of the island would overflow and remains would clean up on the beach … and the felines would feed. Rather helpfully, this problem is dealt with in the days following the Angel’s secret arrival.

Following a storm, it isn’t human remains however the dead bodies of lots of felines that are discovered scattered throughout the beach. Their necks are broken and there isn’t a drop of blood to be seen. When Warren– Riley’s more youthful sibling– and his pals slip out to the Uppards, they’re flipped out by the noise of a damaged branch. If you look carefully at the minute, you can see the summary of the Angel in the wild bushes, in addition to the apparent 2 intense dots of its piercing eyes. Plainly, the Angel was starving.

Who is Father Paul?

Put merely, Father Paul Hill is actually Reverend Monsignor John Michael Pruitt, the long time island pastor at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. The locals do not acknowledge him since he’s about 40 years more youthful. The hint to his real identity was dropped early on. In episode 2, Dr. Sarah Gunning’s senior mama, Mildred, who when had a romantic relationship with Monsignor Pruitt (and a kid in Sarah), addresses Father Paul by his genuine name, John, when he visits their home.

The old paper clipping with a picture of a more youthful Monsignor Pruitt.


Is Father Paul the devil?

You ‘d believe so after that series trailer. No, in normal Flanagan style, the director brings a spin on a well-known folklore animal. Daddy Paul is a vampire, albeit an unwilling one, who ends up being ill and passes away when he declines to eat anybody’s blood (he ultimately spurts back to life). He was developed by the Angel, the initial “vampire,” who fed Father Paul its own blood when Father Paul was still the 80- year-old Monsignor Pruitt, going on expedition for 2 weeks in the Holy Land. When Pruitt returned, his youth brought back, he pretended to be a various priest. Lying about who he actually was up until his real identity was exposed by an old paper clipping hanging on a wall inside the pastor’s home, including an image of his more youthful self.

Father Paul greatly hints that he obtained his alias from Saul, an opponent of the Church, who later on ends up being the Apostle Paul. He informs the story of Saul, who while on the roadway to Damascus to assemble followers and take them detainee was satisfied by Jesus. Days later on, Saul ended up being a fan of Christ and after that ended up being the Apostle Paul.

Where did the Angel originate from?

The Angel, aka headache fuel.


On the exact same roadway Saul was taking a trip to Damascus, Monsignor Pruitt roamed from his trip group. Baffled and lost in the desert, he was swept up into a sandstorm. The sandstorm discovered the entryway to an ancient destroy of what Monsignor later on thinks to be a church. Monsignor stumbles within– and fulfills the Angel. With sharp-edged wings and a thirst for blood, the Angel bares a striking similarity to a vampire.

Vampires. Actually?

Yes. For those anticipating another ghost story comparable to Flanagan’s The Haunting of Hill House or Bly Manor, a tale of vampires may come as a surprise. Where did the motivation originated from? Flanagan, who as soon as acted as an altar young boy, has actually talked about in interviews how he discovered concepts of the supernatural in the Bible itself.

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” It’s difficult to separate the Bible as a book from scary literature. It has whatever therein,” Flanagan informed Vanity Fair. “It’s overtly and unapologetically embracing supernatural, dreadful occasions left and. Even the hero of the story– God, the personification of love– drowns the world when he snaps enough in the Old Testament.”

What are the connections to the Bible?

” This is my blood, the blood of the brand-new and long lasting covenant. It will be shed for you and for all so that sins might be forgiven.”

Father Paul intones this “old translation” from a brand-new missal “closer to the initial Latin” throughout his very first session taking Sunday mass. It basically establishes the remainder of the series. The dui mishap that saw his sweetheart Beth eliminated 4 years ago continues to haunt Riley. The concept recommended is that, by actually consuming their blood, Riley will sign up with Father Paul and the Angel’s “covenant” and be eliminated of his sins.

Will there be reaction to the spiritual elements of the story?

We’ll need to wait and see, however it seems like there will be.

How did the wonders occur? (Scientifically, speaking)

Father Paul was privately blending the sacramental red wine in the cruets with the blood of the Angel. This blood– consisting of an infection, enzyme, a brand-new kind of cell and even a parasite, Dr. Gunning thinks– has actually been modifying the cells of individuals who consume it. Dr. Gunning, who’s been examining Erin Greene and her mom’s blood, which sizzles and ignites in the sun, discusses: “So there’s this blood condition called erythropoietic protoporphyria EPP. A great deal of those misconceptions most likely originated from EPP. Individuals with it are very conscious light, to the point of burning and blistering in the sun. And really anemic.”

She thinks that their blood– and most likely the as soon as wheelchair-bound Leeza’s– consists of “something that repair work harmed cells, is strongly photosensitive and triggers a crazy anemia. A desperate appetite for iron. Iron in blood.” As the ratio of this infection in the blood increases, the physical changes end up being more noticable.

Why does Erin lose her infant?

Though Mildred Gunning’s youth is brought back and her dementia corrected, Erin loses her infant. This is how Dr. Gunning discusses it: “Hypothetically, a pregnancy is an alien existence in a body. A great deal of procedures strike stop a mom’s body from assaulting a fetus in the womb … however hypothetically, offered how strongly this thing changes the body, its action to a fetus might be similarly aggressive.”

Dr. Gunning.


What occurred to Erin and Mildred Gunning’s blood?

Dr. Gunning’s tests on Erin’s and her mom’s blood supply a twinkle of hope that everybody can return back to typical. When Dr. Gunning puts samples of their blood in the sun, the contaminated part burns away, leaving their typical blood behind. Due to the fact that the ratio of the Angel’s parasite is still just at trace quantities in their systems, Dr. Gunning factors, they may be able to pass it through, comparable to what occurs when you consume alcohol. “Before a particular point, if we stop taking it in, possibly our body can press it back out. Filter it out, the method it does any other hazardous compound, if it’s not excessive.”

What occurred in between Mildred and John Pruitt?

In episode 7, as the vampiric townspeople run riot, Mildred Gunning and John Pruitt sit inside the church, pondering over their days in love and the wonder of having a 2nd opportunity to be together, as a household. It’s suggested that Mildred and John had an affair throughout the war, however Mildred picked not to interrupt her household with her then hubby, letting her child Sarah think he was her daddy. Sarah’s genuine daddy, as she discovers out simply prior to Sturge shoots her, was John.

What other events have taken place on the island?

Strange things have actually taken place prior to on Crockett Island. In episode 7, Sturge states that in 1984, the entire island “burned to absolutely nothing.” Whatever– other than the church. When the felines clean up on the beach, Mayor Scarborough notifies Sheriff Hassan that in 2002 a flock of starlings fell out of the sky. “Never did get a gratifying response. Great deals of theories. Lightning, sounds, illness. Entire stack of dolphins as soon as too … More than a lots and they had bites missing out on.” It becomes worse. 3 years earlier, an oil spill saw all the anglers’s catches ruined. Came a rat issue, kitchens attacked after the rodents’ routine fish food source was contaminated (at least, according to meddlesome priest’s assistant Bev Keane).

Across these occasions, because the island neighborhood was developed in the 1800 s (according to the old paper clipping in the pastor’s home), the island’s population has actually decreased. “We utilized to be hundreds, now we’re simply lots. This isn’t a neighborhood any longer, honey. It’s a ghost,” Riley’s mama Annie states.

These occasions play into Father Paul’s concept that “we tend to do not like secrets. We feel unpleasant not understanding.” They likewise paint a photo of an abandoned town that, according to Father Paul, required the Angel to wait with its guarantees of renewal, 2nd possibilities and immortality.

Joe grieving the loss of his canine, Pike.


Who eliminated Pike the pet dog?

In episode 1, when Bev Keane goes by Pike at the regional shop, she leaps at the noise of the canine’s bark. She scolds Joe Collie for letting his canine snap at her. Joe attempts to describe that that’s simply Pike’s method of stating hey there, however Bev states Pike a “hazard,” suggesting the exact same of his owner. Joe is the castaway town intoxicated after inadvertently shooting the mayor’s child Leeza and incapacitating her legs.

At the Crock Pot Luck celebrations in episode 2, Pike is discovered dead, having obviously consumed a poisoned hotdog. Erin keeps in mind that Bev, who’s likewise an instructor, was acting nervously with a container of rat toxin she had simple access to from the school shop cabinet. If you return to a couple of minutes prior to Pike is discovered dead, a hand and the hem of a flower gown flash past the animal, exposing a hotdog now disposed of on the ground. That exact same gown is seen used by Bev Greene a couple of scenes previously as she browses the food choice.

Who’s Harpoon Harry?

An area on the island called the Uppards is reported to be haunted by Harpoon Harry, a dead angler who “harpooned kids for their meat.” Actually, the story was informed by older kids to avoid their more youthful brother or sisters from following them to their preferred drinking area. This story both develops environment and supplies misdirection for the genuine risk taking advantage of individuals of Crockett Island.

What takes place to Crockett Island and the Angel in the end?

In the end, Bev and Sturge’s strategy to burn down all the structures– to develop a “brand-new flood” with the church as the arc for the “great people”– backfires. After Monsignor Pruitt sees the damage he’s triggered and after Sturge shoots his child Sarah dead, he madly sets the church alight. Sherif Hassan, with the aid of his boy Ali, burns down the entertainment. With Erin, Sarah and Mildred having actually currently burned the rest of the big boats, this leaves no shelters whatsoever on the little island for the vampiric townsfolk to conceal underneath and get away the sun. Nor can they spread their contagion to the remainder of the world.

Leeza and Warren are the only 2 to leave to security, their blood not contaminated enough to see them rely on cinders. They row out into the sea in Erin’s canoe, where they see the Angel effort to leave, however its wings– shredded in Erin’s last living act– are currently failing it. Warren explains that the Angel is ranging from the daybreak, however it’ll need to make it 30 miles to the west to reach security, when it can hardly fly. “No, I. I do not believe it can [make it],” Warren states, making it quite clear the Angel is toast.

The set stay in the canoe, as the island burns in the range, viewing the daybreak flecked with falling ash. Leeza, with a little laugh of relief, states she can no longer feel her legs, the contaminated blood fading from her system. The 2 teens will most likely await the next ferryboat to get here on the island to conserve them.

Will Midnight Mass get a season 2?

Short response: No.

At least, it’s very not likely. Following the success of 2018’s The Haunting of Hill House, it was revealed at the start of 2019 that Flanagan and long time producing partner Trevor Macy (they’ve been interacting given that 2013’s Oculus) have a multi-year handle Netflix to establish brand-new series solely for the banner.

The respected developers went on to provide the 2nd installation of The Haunting anthology and Midnight Mass was revealed as their next task. In July, 2019, Deadline reported that it would be a seven-episode series and, after that ending, it appears quite conclusive it was just meant as a miniseries.

Plus, Flanagan is extremely hectic.

What’s next for Mike Flanagan?

If you were wishing for more of The Haunting, regretfully, the wait continues. While Flanagan has actually stated he’s open to another chapter of the anthology, he needs to discover the best piece of literature to reimagine initially, simply as he made with the previous 2 ghost stories.

The Midnight Club

He’s likewise exceptionally hectic breaking out more content for Netflix. Filming has supposedly concluded on The Midnight Club– a restricted scary secret thriller series unassociated to Midnight Mass. An adjustment of Christopher Pike’s 1994 young person unique, it follows a group of terminally ill young clients who congregate at midnight to inform frightening stories.

The series will integrate a number of other of Pike’s books and function Zach Gilford, Samantha Sloyan and Matt Biedel, who played Riley Flynn, Bev Keane and Sturge respectively in Midnight Mass, in addition to numerous more of Flanagan’s growing acting performers. Unlike with Midnight Mass, Flanagan will direct just a number of episodes (it’s not yet been revealed the number of there’ll be).

The Fall of your home of Usher

Then came the huge news on Wednesday that Flanagan would be adjusting Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of your home of Usher for Netflix. Including other works from Poe, the minimal series will run for 8 episodes, 4 of which will be directed by Flanagan. Still waiting on any release date statements.

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