Fujitsu Introduces AI technology Enabling Highly Accurate Prediction of Vessel Collision Risks on Complex Maritime Routes

Fujitsu Introduces AI technology Enabling Highly Accurate Prediction of Vessel Collision Risks on Complex Maritime Routes

Fujitsu Introduces AI innovation Enabling Highly Accurate Prediction of Vessel Collision Risks on Complex Maritime Routes

– New algorithm enables Fujitsu’s AI innovation to minimize unneeded signals by about 90%, adding to extremely precise forecast of vessel accident threats

– Technology adds to enhanced maritime traffic security in locations with heavy maritime traffic and increased accident threats, consisting of bays

– Highly precise forecasts make it possible for operators to acknowledge dangers early and react rapidly to avoid vessel crashes

TOKYO, Sep 28, 2021 – (JCN Newswire) – Fujitsu Limited today revealed the intro of a highly-accurate AI innovation to forecast vessel accident dangers on intricate sea paths consisting of bay locations. Field trials were carried out in between November 2020 and September 2021 under an outsourcing agreement with the Japan Coast Guard to show the effectiveness of the brand-new innovation.

Fujitsu formerly leveraged AI innovation to compute and forecast vessel crash dangers based upon the existing position, speed and instructions of the ship. Now, an extra algorithm has actually been contributed to this innovation in order to determine the degree to which the vessel is following its course, allowing more precise danger avoidance.

This brand-new function makes it possible to just supply informs in scenarios with a high danger of crash – modifications of the course along a path will therefore no longer be incorrectly found as unsafe steering.

Field trials of the innovation were carried out at the Tokyo Wan Vessel Traffic Service Center under an outsourcing agreement with the Japan Coast Guard, which handles maritime traffic control services. Outcomes of the trial showed that this innovation can decrease unneeded informs by about 90%on all sea paths, specifically on curved areas where signals regularly happened.

This better innovation allows the early acknowledgment of vessels vulnerable to threats and a rapid preliminary reaction in order to avoid crashes, while likewise adding to enhancing maritime traffic security by decreasing extreme traffic control operations in addition to human mistakes.

Based on the outcomes of the field trials, Fujitsu prepares to offer safe navigation assistance services starting in March 2022 for gamers in the maritime market internationally. Through this service, Fujitsu intends to guarantee both the security of maritime traffic control in addition to vessel operation and will support the building of resistant maritime traffic systems.


More than 99%of Japan’s imports and exports are performed through seaborne trade. The current effect of COVID-19 has significantly limited individuals’s motion, making logistics more essential than ever. At the exact same time, current major maritime mishaps all over the world have actually drawn increased attention to the value of guaranteeing the security of maritime traffic. This not just consists of direct damage to the ship hull and freight, however likewise indirect damage brought on by lost chances due to unusable ships, along with severe damage to human life and the environment.

Many maritime mishaps are stated to be brought on by human mistake. Especially in hectic sea lanes near ports and in bays, there is a requirement for innovation that assists operators to comprehend the motions of vessels and offer them with details to play it safe.

However, the majority of the techniques to forecast vessel crash dangers presently in useful usage consider that vessels browse along straight lines beginning with their existing positions. As an outcome, unneeded informs regularly take place when a vessel browses on curved areas of sea paths, formally specified by laws and policies like the Maritime Traffic Safety Act. The appropriate timing of danger notices to vessels depends on the experience and ability of the operation controller.

In financial 2019, under an outsourcing agreement with the Japan Coast Guard, which runs a navigation support group that integrates radar and the Automatic Identification System (AIS)( 1) to examine motions of vessels in order to supply them with pertinent details to enhance the security of navigation, Fujitsu leveraged AI innovation to anticipate vessel crash dangers in the Tokyo Bay location and to identify other locations where crash dangers are extremely focused. Fujitsu has actually validated the efficiency of this technique for early detection of accident threats.

Fujitsu furthermore performed joint field trials with the Japan Coast Guard in order to enhance maritime traffic security and to develop an innovation that can support the operations of the Japan Coast Guard.

About the freshly established innovation

Until now, forecasts of vessel crash threats had actually been determined based upon the existing position, speed and instructions of the ship. Fujitsu has actually now established a brand-new, extra algorithm to determine if a ship follows a defined path (patent pending).

With traditional innovation, extreme notifies had actually taken place in cases where 2 vessels were evaluated to taking a trip directly along their present course in the area of curved areas of sea paths – by making use of the brand-new algorithm explained above, accident dangers will now be classified as low when the 2 vessels follow a defined path in a curvilinear way.

This brand-new algorithm therefore lowers unneeded informs and makes it possible to more precisely figure out the dangers of crash in between vessels (patent pending).

Joint Field Trials with the Japan Coast Guard

1. Date and Time

November 17, 2020 (Tuesday) to September 2, 2021 (Thursday)

2. Area

Tokyo Wan Vessel Traffic Service Center (Place: Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

3. Contents and outcomes of the field trials

In cooperation with the Japan Coast Guard, Fujitsu performed analytical and quantitative assessments in the Tokyo Bay location of the efficiency of its crash danger detection innovation by comparing cases where the brand-new innovation has actually been used with cases where it had actually not been used.

After a repaired examination duration, Fujitsu verified that unneeded notifies might be decreased by around 90%in contrast to standard innovation for all sea paths consisting of sea paths with curved areas.

In addition, Fujitsu performed a collation analysis of the functional records for the real maritime traffic control operations of the Tokyo Wan Vessel Traffic Service Center which handles maritime traffic control services. This analysis was based upon records of the operations carried out by the operation controller, consisting of the arrangement of info to vessels, along with details drawn from interviews with the operation controller, and the notifies discovered by the recently developed innovation.

As an outcome, about 95%of the high danger occasions (2) for which the Operator released cautions or suggestions were properly evaluated as high threat, and it was validated that this innovation is close to the Operator’s judgment and helpful for functional assistance.

Future Plans

By updating the standard crash danger forecast innovation with this brand-new algorithm, Fujitsu intends to supply a safe navigation assistance service that can spot crash dangers with high precision even in curved areas of sea paths by March 2022 to gamers in the maritime market worldwide.

Fujitsu likewise intends to supply a service geared up with an algorithm presently under advancement that quantitatively assesses whether a vessel is following a path by examining the attributes of the vessel, such as its size and type, along with information from previous navigation efficiency by September2023 In this method Fujitsu will have the ability to make sure both the security of maritime traffic control and vessel navigation and to add to the building and construction of a durable maritime traffic system.

( 1) Automatic Identification System (AIS):

system that gathers and supplies info of the position, speed and course of vessels utilizing radio waves

( 2) Correct judgement of about 95%of high threat occasions:

53 out of 64 cases were properly assessed as high threat occasions surpassing the threshold limitation worth, 8 more cases were properly evaluated as high threats occasions near going beyond the threshold limitation worth

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