Fujitsu and KDDI Leverage 5G Technologies in Partnership to Solve Social Issues

Fujitsu and KDDI Leverage 5G Technologies in Partnership to Solve Social Issues

Fujitsu and KDDI Leverage 5G Technologies in Partnership to Solve Social Issues

– Fujitsu and KDDI will validate the affiliation of their particular 5G network services and optimum usage of 5G applications and information

– “5G Service Platform” intends to improve cities and the customer experience by understanding a world in which the experience of genuine locations is broadened by virtual innovation

– Partnership will make use of the options, competence and alliance partners of the 2 business to develop an open environment

TOKYO, Sep 28, 2021 – (JCN Newswire) – Fujitsu Limited and KDDI Corporation today revealed an arrangement to team up on producing brand-new services that improve the consumer experience and add to the resolution of social concerns by using Fujitsu’s personal 5G and KDDI’s au 5G innovations, with the supreme goal of recognizing a brand-new digital society and co-creating services based upon 5G.

As the very first significant actions of this collaboration, Fujitsu and KDDI will carry out the following efforts from September 28, 2021:

1) Demonstration of innovation towards the awareness of a “5G Service Platform” that interconnects personal 5G with au 5G

2) Co-creation of B to B to X( 1) services that integrate the genuine and the virtual worlds

3) Building an environment with partners through shared involvement in the 5G Alliance run by the 2 business

Platform Services Concept: 5G Service Platform

The “5G Service Platform” is a platform service that connects personal 5G and au 5G services to supply an extensive variety of B to B to X services. Through the “5G Service Platform,” Fujitsu and KDDI objective to understand a world where the experience in genuine locations such as shopping center, health clubs and dining establishments can be broadened flawlessly with virtual truth. It will be supplied to business that wish to boost their customer companies, business that wish to increase the worth they provide through the centers they handle and their neighborhoods as an entire, along with city governments.


The lots of constraints and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have actually made it tough for individuals to share area with one another and interact easily, highlighting the immediate requirement to develop more sustainable and resistant social systems and speed up the motion towards using digital innovations in a manner advantages social and individual wellness. The hazard positioned by international environment modification likewise requires that business discover brand-new methods to understand effective usage of energy and decrease of waste by linking individuals, products, and services in genuine time, adding to decarbonization of companies and city governments in addition to options for ecological and social problems more broadly. To deal with these social problems and support the digital change (DX) of society, the 2 business have actually participated in a collaboration to offer brand-new experiential worth and services that integrate the genuine and virtual worlds based upon 5G.

Partnership Overview

1. Personal 5G and au 5G affiliation and innovation presentation

Private 5G services supplied by Fujitsu for IoT gadgets such as high-definition video cameras and robotics will be related to au 5G services supplied by KDDI for mobile phones and tablets. In addition to affiliation, the 2 business will carry out innovation presentations to understand the ideal positioning of applications and information by effortlessly merging Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) and Local Edge Computing (Local Edge).

2. Co-creation for supplying brand-new services making use of 5G

Based on innovation presentations, Fujitsu and KDDI objective to supply the “5G Service Platform” utilizing 5G, IoT, video material, and XR. As a primary step, the 2 business will produce a system for center owners and operators to decrease their ecological effect and enhance functional performance by enhancing the whole center and offer brand-new experiential worth to clients going to the center. After that, Fujitsu and KDDI goal to incorporate not just the city and centers, however likewise the genuine and virtual experiences of society as a whole.

Through the “5G Service Platform” the 2 business will enhance the customer experience by connecting numerous services based upon human activities. At the fitness center, customers will be able to take pleasure in a personalized workout experience according to their everyday activity and health status. In addition, Fujitsu and KDDI will provide tailored services that fit the tastes and situations of each consumer, such as a dining establishment where consumers can get an advised menu that matches their individual health requirements.

3. Shared involvement in 5G alliance run by Fujitsu and KDDI

The 2 business will equally take part in their particular 5G alliances, the “Private 5G Partnership Program”( 2) and the “KDDI 5G Business Co-creation Alliance”( 3 ). By connecting the properties supplied by Fujitsu, such as personal 5G associated cordless innovation, base station building innovation, and service understanding of numerous markets, with KDDI’s options for au 5G and 5G and its service facilities, such as ID, billing, and payment services, Fujitsu and KDDI will co-create an option design that integrates business systems and consumer-oriented services. The 2 business likewise intend to produce an open partner community by leveraging the possessions of other partners in both alliances.

Comments from Tomonori Goto, SVP, Director of 5G Vertical Service Office, Fujitsu Limited

” Fujitsu is happy to deal with a range of ingenious partners to co-create companies that deal with crucial social problems. We are extremely happy to reveal together with KDDI our shared vision for society, and we expect that this collaboration will even more broaden the worth produced by 5G and accelerate our efforts to resolve social concerns.”

Comments from Akihito Fujii, Executive Officer, General Manager of Service Planning and Development Division, KDDI Corporation

” Through the facility of the 5G Business Co-creation Alliance and other efforts, KDDI is complying with other business throughout positions and markets to promote using 5G to fix social concerns and develop brand-new markets. We are extremely delighted to team up with Fujitsu to offer brand-new worth in the B-to-B-to-X design by connecting our 5G possessions and facilities.”

( 1) B to B to X:

Abbreviation of Business to Business to X. An organization design in which business and companies (very first B) that offer platforms and services for business and companies make business and companies (2nd B) that have customers as clients utilize the platform and services, and the very first B and the 2nd B interact to offer services ideal for end users (X), such as customers.

( 2) Private 5G Partnership Program:

Fujitsu’s program that co-creates services for client’s company development and fixing consumer’s issues by leveraging Fujitsu’s personal 5G and other innovations and knowledge, along with partner business’ innovative innovations.

( 3) KDDI 5G Business Co-creation Alliance:

KDDI’s alliance program which intends to develop markets and fix social problems through making use of 5G by teaming up throughout positions and markets. It offers one-stop assistance for problems that can not be fixed by a single business, from the production of brand-new collective services through collaborations.

About KDDI

KDDI is telecommunication company in Japan, using both mobile and fixed-line interactions. With its reputable base of over 58 million clients, and through mobile services and stores providing its “au” brand name, KDDI is broadening its services into the “Life Design” organization, that includes e-commerce, fintech, across the country electrical power energy services, home entertainment and education. With a 60- year history, KDDI is now concentrating on producing wise facilities through IoT innovations and open development with partners and start-up business in varied markets. KDDI is speeding up the international development of its telecoms customer service, with operations in Myanmar and Mongolia, and in the worldwide ICT company with the “TELEHOUSE” brand name.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese details and interaction innovation (ICT) business using a complete series of innovation items, services and services. Around 126,000 Fujitsu individuals support clients in more than 100 nations. We utilize our experience and the power of ICT to form the future of society with our clients. Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702) reported combined incomes of 3.6 trillion yen (US$34 billion) for the ended March 31,2021 For more details, please see

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