Fact and Fiction Blend Seamlessly in this Science-Based Thriller

Fact and Fiction Blend Seamlessly in this Science-Based Thriller

WEST WINDSOR, NJ, September 25, 2021 /24 -7 PressRelease/— The year is 2029, and U.S. President Bill Riley has his hands complete with Russia, China, and the 3rd pandemic in 10 years. NASA drops an even more immediate issue on his desk, and the world might never ever be the exact same.

The Virgo Paradox, author R.H. Johnson’s just-released 18 th unique, counts on a strong structure of science truth to support an exhilarating endeavor into sci-fi. A risk from deep area starts as an easy declaration about Earth’s vulnerability however slowly ends up being an effective commentary on mankind’s location in the universes.

According to Harvard Professor Avi Loeb, bestselling author of Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, Johnson’s newest book is “a splendidly composed thriller that passes with flying colors the limit of clinical plausibility. It broadens our envisioned horizons for what other stars on the cosmic phase may be doing.”

The majority of Johnson’s previous books are either crime drama or geopolitical thrillers, and he sees his brand-new science-based thriller as a sensible extension of those 2 categories. “My focus is constantly on real-world concerns, and in current months the topic of life beyond Earth has actually ended up being more traditional than ever. Now that Congress is requiring action on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, we have prior to us maybe the best secret story of perpetuity.”

The Virgo Paradox is a work of fiction, Johnson invested months investigating the subject of near-Earth items and working with physicists and astronomers actively included in determining hazards to the world. The outcome is a book that stays loyal to difficult science even as it develops into speculation about Earth’s future.

” There’s something out there in deep area that’s heading our method,” he states, “and it’s a concern of when, not whether, we need to handle it. When that time comes, all other earthly issues will be useless.”

Johnson resides in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.

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