Ball don’t lie: 3 worst calls from Week 3 in the NFL

Ball don’t lie: 3 worst calls from Week 3 in the NFL

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott challenges authorities (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)

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Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott challenges authorities (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)

After making a surprise look in Week 2, the NFL’s brand-new ridiculing guideline all however vanished 7 days later on. Appears like authorities got the message.

A sport asserted on physical contact is bound to have a bit of boasting after the reality. The league’s finest– as in those at the top who get to make such modifications– undoubtedly let it be understood that their experiment to take the “enjoyable” out of NFL came a cropper.

And that’s fine. We ‘d choose modification to stubbornly staying with their weapons. Roger Goodell and Co. didn’t call much ridiculing at all Week 3, headlined by what can just be referred to as amusing bragging after Rob Gronkowski left the Bucs-Rams video game with a rib injury.

Nope! Dance away, great sir. If Gronk can get away with duplicated spikes in the end zone, then he needs to handle protectors dancing on his tomb. This is NFL Blitz, personified.

But that does not make the list of worst calls of the week, since it should not be ridiculing. Teasing should not exist unless it’s outright and over the line.

Another problem from Sunday that JUST missed out on the cut was a so-called missed out on pass disturbance on the Chiefs last Hail Mary in a loss to the Chargers. You be the judge.

Eh, pass.

Every Hail Mary is simply a jumbled mess of bodies, anyhow. In what world can a main feel positive adequate to make that call? And do we truly desire pandora’s box opened?

I’m sorry, Kansas City. While there’s an argument to be had– one that includes Terry McAulay, I’ll include– it’s inadequate to call for such a contact a huge minute. That would’ve been peak Chargers. Never ever go peak Chargers.

3 worst calls from Week 3

Ravens: Lamar Jackson can take as long as he desires

To be clear– the Lions draw. They’re amongst the worst groups in the NFL and were built to be precisely that bad. This is not a defense of Detroit football.

However, Justin Tucker’s record basket ought to’ve been an even longer effort, as Lamar Jackson got away with a clear hold-up of video game simply plays in the past. Search for yourself.

Tick tick … that’s got ta be at least 5 seconds.

Tucker’s achievement was unquestionably an extraordinary one It’ll decrease in the record books for a factor, and the Ravens were the much better group on Sunday. Heck, Hollywood Brown didn’t do Jackson any prefers with his case of the drops (I would understand, he’s on my dream football group).

That being stated, the clock should not be neglected. Either the play clock was incorrect, and authorities ought to’ve stopped live action, or the refs made a clear mistake in judgement. I’ll choose the latter.

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