Awesome-loginless: internet services that don’t require registrations

Awesome-loginless: internet services that don’t require registrations

A curated list of amazing web services that generally you would need to sign up for, however due to creative methods on the part of the service you can utilize without signing up, producing an account and filling limitless kinds.


  • – A sophisticated type of pubsub platform that allows you to do alerts from one device to another, perform customized services when a notice is gotten, getting webhooks on a regional device, making a chat app, a task line, hosting web pages, sharing files.
  • Formspree – Put a type on your website, compose your address in the HTML and get the submissions on your e-mail.
  • and are locations to conserve, upgrade and query any sort of JSON information, to be utilized in small web apps in basic.
  • Volatile and KEY/VALUE supply you with a key-value shop as a service. Shop and obtain string worths utilizing an open API.
  • Tinysheet – Light, mobile-optimized 2 ×10 spreadsheets that run in your area.
  • Franchise – A note pad for SQL: simple charts, compare inquiries, download and share. SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery, XLSX, JSON, CSV.
  • Microlink— Turns sites into information.


  • chartd enables img tags to consist of reaction, retina-compatible charts. image-charts. com uses a comparable service with numerous kinds of charts, graphviz charts, animated GIFs and QR codes from an URL, works likewise as a drop-in replacement for Google Image Charts. is concentrated on charts and can render some beautiful ones, and likewise QR codes.
  • TinyMonth – Create and share ephemeral calendars.
  • Itty Bitty – Create sites included totally on their URLs, share as QR code, tweets and so on
  • and enable you to compose and release short articles minimalistically.
  • Bitclouds – Get a confidential VPS circumstances payable by the hour with satoshis.
  • Seashells will pipeline output from a command line to a web page in real-time and shop it(for the length of time?). echo 'something'|nc 1337
  • and clbin are pastebins that work from the command line with curl, termbin is comparable however with netcat/nc.


  • Shick – Instant typical chatroom.
  • Yap – Instant ephemeral chatroom in which even the messages are ephemeral, for pals.
  • Jitsi uses instantaneous video chatroom over webRTC. goes one action even more and uses that plus collective code editors, file editors and drawable white boards.
  • curl mail curl to send out e-mail.
  • Mailinator, Maildrop, Nada and other non reusable e-mail address services permit you to utilize one or numerous e-mail addresses without signing up (whatever is public). Emaildrop has even a public API!

Development Tools

  • – Get a public URL for a program operating on localhost, no setup required, utilizes ssh.
  • – A CORS proxy.
  • Beeceptor – HTTP demand mocking and obstructing. Phony your API up until you have it prepared. The old Request Bin is now live, with a brand-new, quite great, UI. Mocky supplies a dead easy method to mock/fake API endpoints, while JSONPlaceholder develops a set of common-use REST API endpoints with phony information, just like Star Wars API and Pókemon API
  • – Configure basic and custom-made domain reroutes and URL forwarding with simply 2 DNS records.
  • – Dynamic DNS without logins and over DNS itself (nslookup will upgrade your subdomain), however you still require a password for each subdomain.
  • RoboHash – Generates special avatars from usernames or any text.


  • Lightning Poker – Play multiplayer no-limit Texas Hold ’em Poker online with genuine satoshis.
  • CoinRebates – Just paste a Bitcoin address, get a link and store, store, get the refund.

Web Apps


Please contribute! Open a problem or a PR and we’ll discuss it or combine it. If you’re opening a PR, please guarantee all format is okay (if you’re in a rush simply open a problem).


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