Amazfit GTR 3 Pro review

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro review


This year there is a Pro version of the round GTR watch, which is what we’ve had on our wrist for a while. There are a couple of distinctions in between the vanilla and the Pro design, which we will go into in a couple of minutes, however initially a fast introduction of the watch itself.

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is created with a timeless appearance in mind, so among the alternatives is to have a brown leather strap (which we do). The other variation features a fluoroelastomer strap, which is more resistant to use and tear.

Which one you desire depends upon what you prepare to utilize the expect. It’s fantastic for passive health tracking and broadening the functions of your phone, however it likewise has substantial workout tracking functions. The strap has a fast release system, so it does not need to be an either/or option.

Design and construct

We definitely would not advise swimming with the leather strap or perhaps sweating a lot and neither does Amazfit itself. It’s not the very best quality leather we’ve seen, though it’s soft and comfy to use. And as we pointed out currently, it’s simple enough to change with any other basic strap.

The 22 mm straps can be quickly switched out

The body of the watch itself is constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. At 32 g (wihtout the strap) you hardly feel it on your hand. The style is rather downplayed, so you can quickly change it with among the 150 watch faces. Various appearances, these have various functions too, however we’ll get to that.

The essential thing to keep in mind in the meantime is that the circular display screen is 1.45″ in size, up from 1.39″ on the GTR 2. The bezels were lost weight, so it’s not a big watch, though there are no size alternatives so Amazfit gone for a typical size.

Even though there are both a microphone and a speaker on board, the watch is water resistant as much as 5 ATM, indicating it appropriates to take swimming in the swimming pool. It even uses some cool brand-new functions for that.

Display and controls

The 1.45″ screen is an AMOLED with a greater refresh rate than previously– the 2nd generation watches performed at 30 Hz, while the GTR 3 Pro screen exceeds 50 Hz (though we do not have a precise number).

The display screen supports Always On Display and each watch face features 2 styles– a gorgeous, fancy style for when the screen is active and disrobed view for the AOD mode. The latter stay with black backgrounds and thicker strong lines to make it both power effective and clear.

Watch faces and their AOD variations

There is a Raise To Wake function, however we left it off given that the AOD watch deals with reveal the time (and perhaps the date and other information, depending upon which face you choose), which is mainly what we wish to see at a glimpse. Plus, because they all look various, this suffices to personalize the appearance of the watch. You can have an analog confront with thick arms, a digital face, some are quite minimalist, others reveal more information. If you like the active watch face, however do not care for its AOD appearance, you have a couple of pre-installed AOD deals with to fall back on.

One of the default watch deals with – A fallback AOD watch face

You can manage the screen brightness or make it possible for vehicle brightness. The watch can strike 1,000 nits, so it’s understandable even under brilliant sunshine. You can manage the length of time the screen remains on after waking and when the Always On function is active (you can set to shut off throughout the night or have it allowed continuously).

There are a great deal of alternatives for how the watch reveals details that you can fine-tune from the watch itself or utilizing the buddy Zepp app. We discussed the Raise To Wake alternative, there is a different alternative that wakes the screen when a brand-new notice is available in. We allowed that as otherwise you need to strike a button to wake the watch by striking the button or counting on the RTW choice. You can likewise set whether the watch must vibrate and/or chime for brand-new notices. Vibrate yes, chime no is our choice. We primarily discuss this as each of these toggles and tweaks impacts battery life.

Display settings – Always On mode can be placed on a schedule – Raise to wake settings

Then we get to the 2 buttons. The leading one is in fact a crown, which spins around to scroll through menu and text. The big display screen fits lots of text and with scrolling we’ve had no issues checking out entire e-mails on the watch. As long as there are no images, given that those aren’t shown, neither for e-mail nor messaging apps.

One grievance we have here is that while you can scroll through the menus with the crown, there is no chance to trigger a menu alternative. Pushing the crown constantly brings you back to the homescreen and if you’re currently there, it opens the menu rather. We would have enjoyed to see a method to run the phone with the hardware manages just– this would come in handy for when your fingers are damp or when you are using gloves.

Anyway, the bottom button is utilized as a faster way to your most typically utilized function. You can set one for brief and one for long press, long pushing the crown can likewise set off a function. This consists of among the health tracking functions, Amazon Alexa, voice memo, video camera remote, and so on

You can set up the action for long pushing each button plus brief pushing the lower button

Alexa works as normal– you can ask it a concern or inform it to switch on the lights if you have wise house gizmos (more on that later). There is likewise an offline voice assistant. This one can be utilized even when the watch isn’t linked to your phone (Alexa requires access to the Internet) and can be utilized by privacy-conscious folks too.

You can open a particular app (e.g. the heart rate display), begin an exercise, modification avoid to the next tune, change the screen brightness, begin a timer and so on. There is a lot you can get done while your hands are inhabited.

The offline voice assistant can deal with a range of actions

To allow that there are 3 different settings for when the watch listens for voice input. You can have it listen while the screen is on or just throughout the very first 5 seconds after waking or set it to listen after you raise your wrist (we disabled all of those). You can set one of the buttons to set off the offline assistant. English, Spanish and Chinese are supported, German must be too, though we didn’t see it with the variation of the software application we had readily available for screening.

Finally, the watch can be endured your left or your right-hand man. It’s practically completely in proportion, the only distinction is whether the crown will be on the upper or lower side.

Health functions

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro includes the most recent BioTracker 3.0 sensing unit (as do the non-Pro and the GTS watches). Variation 3.0 includes 2 LEDs and 6 photodiodes, permitting it to gather information much faster and do it more precisely to boot.

Configuring the health tracking functions

Detecting the blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) now just takes 15 seconds, making the brand-new generation almost two times as quickly as the watches from in 2015. The brand-new watch can likewise track your breathing rate, something that numerous clever watches and bands ignore.

Naturally, the watch can likewise track your heart rate– this and SpO2 tracking can be made it possible for 24/ 7. There are other alternatives, consisting of breathing quality while you sleep. Keep in mind that this considerably reduces battery life.

Heart rate – Blood Oxygen – Stress

Speaking of sleep tracking, the watch divides it into phases– light sleep, deep sleep and REM, plus marking durations when you were awake. It can likewise manage daytime naps. In the early morning you will get a Sleep rating based upon the length of time you slept, if you went to sleep late or got up early, just how much time you invested in each sleep phase and so on.

Sleep phases – Comparison to a normal sleep – Logging extra information

The app will likewise assist you improve sleeping routines. It will inform you if you went to bed later on than typical. In the early morning you can log what you were doing prior to falling sleeping (utilizing your phone, drinking, reading, and so on) and how you felt when you woke up. Equipped with a log of this, you can find out what makes you awaken so exhausted.

Amazfit concentrated on streamlining the user experience. This is where the PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) rating can be found in. It monitors numerous metrics over the last 7 days, your physical qualities (age, resting and optimal heart rate, how your body reacts to work out, and so on) and crunches them down to a single number– keep a rating of 100 PAI or greater and you are all great.

PAI integrates a great deal of information into a single number

If you desire a reading for the present minute, you do not need to run heart rate, SpO2 and other tools independently– the One Tap measurement tool will run a fast 45 2nd check up and reveal you all the pertinent numbers: heart rate, blood oxygen, breathing rate and tension.

The watch likewise tracks your skin temperature level, however that does not appear in the One Tap tool. Still, you can see a chart of your skin temperature level for the last couple of hours.

Another practical tool can assist females track their durations and consists of forecasts for the next duration, the next fertile window and ovulation day.

Exercise tracking

All of the health sensing units enter into play when you work out. The information they tape-record can be synced with Apple Health (if you are an iPhone user), Google Fit (for Android users), along with third-party apps like Strava, Relive and RunKeeper.

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro can track over 150 sports modes and can instantly acknowledge 8 modes so that you do not need to by hand begin the tracking for them. An internal algorithm has actually been established to track optimum oxygen consumption (VO2 Max), the training load and efficiency in addition to for how long it takes your body to recuperate later on.

This will assist you keep an eye on your development too another function– Virtual Pacer. This enables you to race versus your previous self when you go on a run, with an instinctive display screen revealing your typical speed and whether you are ahead or behind compared to your previous run.

Interestingly, the BioTracker 3.0 sensing unit can operate in the water too, so that the watch can determine your heart rate while you’re in the swimming pool. This is fantastic for those who choose swimming over running.

The watch includes enhanced satellite placing hardware– in addition to GPS and GLONASS, it likewise utilizes Galileo, BeiDo and QNSS satellites. This enhances the cold start time (by 20%) and position precision (by 40%). You will feel this the most when there isn’t a clear view of the sky (due to the fact that of high structures or trees).

However, there are no navigation tools on board. We weren’t anticipating Google Maps or anything, however other GPS-enabled watches enable you to establish waypoints so that you understand where you’re going on a long walking. They simply reveal an arrow and range to your next place, however that’s much better than absolutely nothing. Possibly something like this can be constructed utilizing Zepp OS’s brand-new app structure.

As it is, you just get a digital compass to assist you. There is likewise a barometer on board, which can provide a caution of a sharp modification in weather condition. It likewise approximates the elevation above water level and plots it on the screen, so that you can watch on elevation gain. Considering that barometers aren’t all that precise for elevation measurements, the watch briefly switches on the GPS to adjust the barometer when you begin.

Another tool reveals you daybreak and sundown times, the stage of the moon and info about the tide (if you’re near the sea).

Connectivity and smartwatch functions

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro uses the normal smartwatch functions. It can reveal the text of an inbound SMS along with alerts from choose apps. Smart bands can do this too, however the big screen fits a fair bit of text.

Configuring which notices appear on the watch

For example, Gmail appears to send out over the entire body of the e-mail which was simple sufficient to check out. In no little part thanks to the brand-new crown, which permitted simple, precise scrolling without touching the screen.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to respond to inbound text or IM messages– no keyboard, no speech-to-text, not even predetermined actions (e.g. “ok”, “yes”, and so on). This restricts just how much you can do with simply the watch, a minimum of as far as texting is worried. Images from e-mail and IM apps are not revealed, even if they appear in the notice.

Allowing the watch to function as a hands-free speaker – Adding contacts to the watch’s phone book

The watch can likewise work as a hands-free speaker. You can even begin a call by entering the Phone app– there’s a little keypad you can utilize to call, in addition to a list of current and preferred contacts, which you can include from the phone app.

The watch has some cool organizational tools too. We were able to sync it with our Google Calendar, so we had the schedule for crucial occasions available on our wrist. I would have been even much better if we might sync an order of business (e.g. Google Keep), however even simply the calendar is a huge benefit over, state, a Mi Band.

The watch can sync with Google Calendar, however you can likewise by hand include occasions

The watch’s microphone can likewise be utilized to take a voice memo, something that can be trigger with journalism of an essential or utilizing the offline digital assistant. Amazon Alexa is likewise on board, which is one method to manage wise gadgets in your home. The other alternative is the Home Connect app. There’s no assistance for Mi Home gizmos.

The GTR 3 Pro has 2.3 GB of readily available storage on board. From the phone app you can move audio files to listen to– tunes, however likewise podcasts and audiobooks. We believe the latter 2 are a much better choice, because the procedure is manual. There is no other way to sync your weekly Spotify playlist or anything comparable, not unless you do it by hand. Tossing one or 2 podcast files is simple enough to do.

Transferring audio files over to the watch takes place over Wi-Fi

Note that the GTR 2 likewise had storage for audio, 3GB. We think both have 4GB of real memory, the distinction originates from just how much the system uses up (and Zepp OS is advanced than the previous software application). Anyhow, the watch has Wi-Fi connection on board, which is just utilized to accelerate the transfer of audio tracks (which would take too long over Bluetooth).

You can utilize the Zepp app on your phone to fill brand-new watch deals with. There are plenty to pick from, some mimic traditional watches, others look extremely digital. Amazfit will quickly launch a tool that will let you make your own watch face and share it with others.

Many watch deals with to select from

Something to keep in mind about the watch deals with is that there are numerous significant classifications. There are quite standard ones, however there are likewise ones with an animated background. Better are the adjustable ones, which include one or numerous widgets– this can be utilized to show your heart rate, actions taken today, weather report and so on, you can fine-tune the watch face to reveal the most crucial information at a look. Some even let you alter the appearance, e.g. providing a number of alternatives for the hour markers. The personalized appearance and widgets do not bring over to the Always On Design of the watch face.

The meaning of a smartwatch is a little evasive, however without installable apps a watch can’t be all that clever, can it? The brand-new Zepp OS, that makes its launching on the GTR 3 duo and the GTS 3 does support apps, however, so there’s no argument here.

It’s a custom-made platform that is likewise brand name brand-new, so there aren’t lots of apps to take a look at. The very best one is Home Connect, which can manage wise house gadgets from different brand names (Bosch, Siemens, Neff and others, more information here). We were a bit surprise to see that there is no Mi Home app, nevertheless, thinking about how close the maker of Amazfit gadgets is to Xiaomi (tip: it makes the Mi Band). Mi Home can be managed from Amazon Alexa, however we were wishing for much deeper combination.

App shop and the very first apps for Zepp OS

The rest are quite basic– a calculator, a BMI calculator, a tool to track your day-to-day calorie consumption, that example. There is likewise a Watch Storage Space app, which declares that 765 MB are used up by the system and there are 2,400 MB or two left for us to utilize.

The app choice isn’t especially amazing at the minute, however what’s more interesting is that there is app assistance in the very first location– lots of so-called smartwatches lack this function, so they have the performance of a clever band (though with a watch kind aspect). It’s prematurely to inform what is possible with this app frame work. We would not hold our breath for Google Maps or WhatsApp, however we can think about a number of practical tools that will make this watch a lot more helpful.

For example, basic waypoint navigation must be possible. We ‘d like an app that shops QR/barcodes for commitment cards (there’s no NFC on board, so mobile payments are no-go).

Battery life

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro battery life is marketed as 12 days of routine usage, 6 days of heavy use. We think we’re heavy users since in 2 weeks of utilizing the watch we needed to charge it two times. This is without any workout tracking (do not judge), however a fair bit of alerts in addition to heart rate and SpO2 tracking every 5 minutes, plus sleep tracking (however without the breathing quality tracking throughout sleep). The Always On Display was set to be constantly active.

The brand-new watch has actually a somewhat enhanced charging system than previously. It still utilizes an exclusive magnetic adapter, however it can now finish a complete charge in 2 hours (below 2.5 hours on the previous generation). That’s per the main requirements, anyhow, in our experience it just took an hour to go from a flat battery to over 90%.

If you’re far from a battery charger and the battery is running low, you can turn on the Battery Saver Mode. Beginning with a complete battery, it extends the common use time from 12 days to 30 days. Still, if battery life is a substantial issue, the vanilla GTR 3 promotes 21 days of routine use without the power saver mode.


The variety of settings and setups possible on the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is a little frightening in the beginning, however in the end we had the ability to set up the watch to work simply how we like it. And after the preliminary setup, operation is rather easy.

We value that you can see the information gathered by the watch on the watch itself. On previous generations you had to reach for the phone app for some things– sleep information.

The turning crown is a fantastic addition, though it would have been a lot better if it might likewise trigger menu products. In some cases utilizing the touchscreen is inaccurate (e.g. when strolling and not rather taking a look at the screen), however the crown and the haptic feedback make it simple to move from one product to the next.

Zepp OS is an interesting modification. The very first couple of apps are rather basic and there are just a couple of to select from today, however understanding how active the scene for customized watch deals with on Huami-made gadgets is, we believe that brand-new apps will emerge quickly.

The one disadvantage appears to be the battery life– we never ever seemed like we were pressing the watch to its limitation and yet 12 days of battery life appear difficult, unless you disable the majority of the health tracking. The GTR 2 lasted visibly longer when we examined it.

With its $230/ EUR200 the GTR 3 Pro gets really near Wear OS watches such as the brand-new Galaxy Watch4, which can be had for EUR250 Even an Apple Watch isn’t out of reach, if you go for an older design (the Series 3 is EUR220, the SE is EUR300). As cool as Zepp OS is, it’s still much easier than the Google and Apple OSes.

This leaves battery life as the essential benefit that Amazfit holds. The GTR 3 Pro can last a number of days longer than those 2. It’s definitely not a battery champ as the vanilla GTR 3 assures to last a more than week longer. For some the much better screen, the hands-free calling and music storage are worth the additional expense of the Pro design ($50/ EUR50).

However, for others the 2 non-Pro watches are much better worth for the cash. Unless doing calls through your watch is an essential function, we ‘d point you to the GTR 3 – it has comparable appearances and functions, much better battery and its price will not make you question if you must be getting a Samsung or an Apple watch.

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