NEC C&C Foundation Awards 2021 C&C Prize

NEC C&C Foundation Awards 2021 C&C Prize

TOKYO, Oct 12, 2021 – (JCN Newswire) – The NEC C&C Foundation today revealed that the 2021 C&C Prize will be granted to 2 groups for their contributions to establishing the neocognitron, a model for the core innovation these days’s expert system (AI), by using understanding of the visual main cortex in the brain to engineering more than 40 years earlier, and to presenting subsumption architecture for robotic control and promoting the useful usage of self-governing mobile robotics. Dr. Kunihiko Fukushima will represent Group A and Prof. Rodney Brooks will represent Group B. Each recipient will be acknowledged with a certificate of benefit and a plaque. Each group will likewise get a money award of 10 million yen.

The C&C Prize was developed in 1985 and is granted to identified individuals in acknowledgment of impressive contributions to R&D activities and pioneering work associated with the combination of computer systems and interactions innovations and the social effect of advancements in these fields. This year’s 2 recipient groups are described listed below.

The reward event and approval speeches will be hung on Monday, November 29 from 16: 00 at the ANA InterContinental Tokyo which will be streamed live to those who use at the Foundation’s site.

2020 C&C Prize Recipients

Group A

Dr. Kunihiko Fukushima

Senior Research Scientist, Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute


For Contributions to the Development of Artificial Intelligence with Pioneering Research that Applied Principles of Neuroscience to Engineering through Invention of Neocognitron, a Hierarchical Neural Network Model of the Visual Cortex of the Brain


The development made in AI has actually been exceptional. AI is currently commonly utilized in applications such as image and voice acknowledgment, language understanding, thinking, self-governing driving, robotics, and healthcare. Nowadays, AI has actually ended up being vital in making market and society more automatic and effective along with in making our lives easier and comfy.

Dr. Fukushima established the neocognitron, a hierarchical neural network design, by using understanding of the main visual cortex in the brain to engineering more than 40 years earlier. As the model for convolutional neural networks that are the core innovation these days’s AI, the neocognitron significantly added to the significant advancement and useful application of AI. Since Dr. Kunihiko Fukushima’s accomplishments were far-sighted and of fantastic magnitude, our company believe he is a deserving recipient of the C&C Prize.

Group B

Prof. Rodney Brooks

Professor of Robotics (Emeritus), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

CTO, Robust.AI


For Outstanding Leadership in Introducing Subsumption Architecture for Robot Control and Promoting the Practical Use of Autonomous Robots


In the 1960 s, commercial robotics started to appear on the factory flooring as a more effective option to manual employees for recurring assembly line jobs in the production procedure. Even prior to this, individuals have actually long been dreaming of individual robotics capable of doing tough daily jobs and robotics capable of performing studies and eliminating hazardous items from catastrophe websites and other dangerous environments that are unattainable to people.

In 1986, Prof. Brooks presented subsumption architecture, which is connected with behavior-based robotics. He carried out research study and advancement of self-governing robotics and he blazed a path as a robotics business owner, presenting the world to useful self-governing mobile robotics and developing a market for service robotics. His determined dedication to making the imagine autonomously working robotics into a truth makes him a worthwhile recipient of the C&C Prize.

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About The NEC C&C Foundation

The NEC C&C Foundation is a non-profit company developed in March 1985 to promote more development in the electronic devices market by motivating and supporting research study and advancement activities and pioneering work connected to the combination of computer systems and interactions innovations, that is, C&C, and eventually to add to the world economy and the enrichment of human life. The Foundation is moneyed by NEC Corporation.

The Foundation presently has 2 primary activities. It provides the yearly C&C Prizes to acknowledge impressive contributions to R&D activities and pioneering operate in the location of C&C. Prospects are advised from all over the world. Each reward winner gets a certificate, a plaque, and a money award (10 million yen per group). Since 2020, 117 popular individuals had actually gotten the reward. In addition, an Outstanding Paper Award for Young C&C Researchers is granted each year to exceptional paper( s) provided at a global conference overseas with the assistance of a grant from the Foundation. Each recipient is offered a money award of 200,00 0 yen.

The Foundation likewise provides the following 2 grants: (1) grant to make it possible for scientists in Japan to go to worldwide conferences overseas to make discussions in the field of C&C and (2) grant to non-Japanese scientists in Japan.

For extra info, please check out The NEC C&C Foundation site at:

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation has actually developed itself as a leader in the combination of IT and network innovations while promoting the brand name declaration of “Orchestrating a brighter world.” NEC makes it possible for services and neighborhoods to adjust to quick modifications happening in both society and the marketplace as it attends to the social worths of security, security, fairness and effectiveness to promote a more sustainable world where everybody has the opportunity to reach their complete capacity. For more details, go to NEC at

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