How e-hailing platforms are using technology to make trips safer for riders, drivers

How e-hailing platforms are using technology to make trips safer for riders, drivers

By Sihle Mlambo Oct 12, 2021

Johannesburg – Uber has actually stepped up its security includes to safeguard chauffeurs from criminally charged riders, while likewise stepping up security steps to secure riders from shadowy motorists who might utilize ‘leased profiles’ to access the platform.

E-hailing motorists have actually been a target of scam journey demands, from riders who utilize brand-new accounts to rob them of their cellular phones and cash while they drive, attempting to earn money.

Facebook groups devoted to e-hailing chauffeurs on social networks have actually reported how chauffeurs are robbed by individuals utilizing brand-new rider accounts in an effort to rob an unwary e-hailing chauffeur.

But Uber has actually looked for to secure its chauffeurs by presenting brand-new innovation which would allow the platform to recognize individual’s dedicating such criminal offenses on the platform.

Uber’s basic supervisor for Sub-Saharan Africa, Frans Hiemstra, stated they had actually presented a rider confirmation function, which just allows brand-new money riders to open an Uber rider account if the individual links their rider profile to an existing Facebook account.

” New money riders without a legitimate charge card on file will now require to verify their identity by connecting to their Facebook account,” Hiemstra describes.

Drivers have actually stated on social networks that they were frequently robbed by brand-new rider accounts who utilized money journey center for payment and brand-new accounts – frequently with rewarding flight demands.

But another scourge that e-hailing business have actually been fighting to handle is that of leased profiles, in which a motorist utilizes a genuine profile of an existing Uber/Bolt account to access the platform, while the chauffeur is an individual unidentified to the platform.

Uber stated it had actually now presented a real-time ID check center which arbitrarily trigger a motorists to take a selfie prior to accepting trips on the app.

” Real-Time ID Check – Which triggers motorists occasionally to take a selfie prior to accepting trips and compares it to the chauffeur’s profile picture.

” This assists guarantee the individual driving matches the account we have on file,” stated Hiemstra.

Bolt has actually not presented such innovation on its platform, however Gareth Taylor, Bolt’s SADC local supervisor, stated they were continuously trying to find methods and indicates to make e-hailing much safer for both riders and chauffeurs.

” Bolt is constantly trying to find methods to make e-hailing much safer for everyone, in assessment with the SAPS, the Department of Transport, and other stakeholders, so that we can continue to use a manner in which more than 25,000 chauffeurs can make an earnings and a method for countless individuals in South Africa to gain access to budget-friendly door-to-door transportation.

” Bolt is continually establishing security functions and tools that have a genuine influence on dealing with motorists’ security issues,” stated Taylor.

Some of these tools consist of Bolt’s collaboration with Namola, which permits chauffeurs with access to an SOS emergency situation button.

” A collaboration with Namola through an in-app integrated SOS emergency situation button that shares the motorist’s information and area with Namola’s 24/ 7 call centre, and after that releases personal security and emergency situation services instantly.

” Drivers that desire additional comfort can buy a Namola physical button that is different to their smart phone, that can be kept their individual. Pressing this button will trigger the very same level of reaction as the in-app button,” stated Taylor.

Both Uber and Bolt stated motorists were not punished for turning down money trips.

” Bolt presented ‘money optionality’ on the chauffeur app, which offers chauffeurs the choice to decline a money journey if they feel risky, without this affecting their platform ranking.

” Before the motorist shows up to gather a traveler, they have the ability to see whether it is a money or card journey (motorists have the ability to turn down card journeys for security factors without threat of their accounts being shut off), and the variety of journeys a traveler has actually taken in the past (if it is a money journey, in a risky location, late during the night and the rider has actually finished less than 3 journeys in the past, the chauffeur has the info to decline that journey).

” Drivers have the ability to see where they will be gathering their travelers, and where they will be taking them to – and they can pick to decrease a journey if they are worried about the security of the collection or location points.

” They have the ability to see the name of their guest in the app and can decrease the journey if the individual who is awaiting them does not match the in-app profile of the individual who hailed the flight,” stated Taylor.

Uber’s Hiemstra stated utilizing GPS innovation, they had the ability to recognize unusual occasions like unanticipated stops or possible crashes.

” In these scenarios, Uber can start a Ride Check by connecting to both the rider and the motorist to provide support.

” Furthermore, Rider Selfies have actually been presented for brand-new money riders without a legitimate charge card on file, which is a smart brand-new security function, to South Africa.

” The innovation works by triggering riders to share a selfie prior to requesting their very first money journey.

” The selfie needs to be of a single person, without any face coverings like sunglasses or masks, and not be an image of an image.

” This brand-new confirmation approach will work together with another rider confirmation technique which verifies a rider’s identity by connecting to their Facebook account. This all occurs within a couple of seconds.

” For rider and motorist comfort, with the push of a button in the app, users can link straight to personal emergency situation services and security action when required through a third-party personal security provider through the in-App Emergency Button,” he stated.

Uber stated it was constantly working to develop much better tools to secure both riders and chauffeurs.

” We are continually working to develop much better tools, procedures and collaborations to raise the bar on security.

” We’re devoted to doing the best thing and handle our part of the obligation to much better security in the market. We will continue to invest and innovate to enhance on security,” stated Hiemstra.

Disgruntled meter taxi operators and sometimes, minibus taxi operators, are still a huge risk to e-hailing motorists.

The e-hailing business stated they were continuously trying to find methods and suggests to engage all 3 federal government spheres to guarantee the security of motorists.


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