10 new features to get you started with Windows 11

10 new features to get you started with Windows 11

The day has actually come and Microsoft is now formally pressing out Windows 11 to the masses. Roll-out timelines are still unsure for older devices, however more recent PCs are initially in line.

Among the modifications, the os is debuting revamped menus, which, if you being in front of a Windows computer system every day, you’ll wish to establish to your requirements.

From rearranging the Start menu to examining external display settings, you can customize your recently upgraded system by clicking the Windows button on the taskbar and picking Settings

One of the most obvious modifications you’ll see in Windows 11 is that the Start menu button (and all your other pinned faster ways) are fixated the taskbar. To put the Start menu button back left wing, open Settings and choose Personalization, Taskbar, Taskbar habits, and Taskbar positioning You can set up different other taskbar choices from here, consisting of whether it conceals from view when you’re not utilizing it.

Microsoft desires the Windows 11 Start menu to be a lot more of a main center for your files and folders, not simply a list of program faster ways. You can choose whether to reveal just recently opened products and specific folders in the Start menu by going to the Windows Settings panel and selecting Personalization and Start You’ll then see a list of toggle switches and menu products to define what you wish to see when the Start menu opens.

3. Utilize Snap Layouts

Windows 10 lets you drag programs to the side of the screen to ‘dock’ them on one half of the screen, however Windows 11 offers you more designs to select from. Hover over the maximize/minimize buttons in the top-right corner of among the open apps to see your alternatives. To turn this function on and off, and set up how it works, open Settings and after that pick System, Multi-tasking, and Snap windows

4. Enable dark mode

At this point, practically every piece of software application out there uses a dark mode. Windows 11 is no various– you can change to it from Settings by selecting Personalization, Colors, and after that opening the drop-down menu beside Choose your mode If you pick Custom, you can utilize a various mode for applications and for Windows itself. Even more down the screen you can set the accent color the os utilizes on user interface aspects, such as clickable links and the title bar on every window.

5. Link your Android phone

Windows 11 develops on its predecessor’s Your Phone tool. This makes it even much easier to link an Android phone to your maker to move files in between gadgets and send out texts from your computer system. To establish the connection, open Windows Settings and choice Bluetooth & gadgets then Your Phone The system will assist you through the procedure, which includes setting up an app on your Android phone to develop the link to your PC.

6. Improve the Windows upgrade procedure

Microsoft has actually attempted to make updates much more effective and smooth in Windows 11, and if you open Settings and choose Windows Update you can see (and handle) a few of these brand-new functions. Pick Advanced choices to allow faster restarts, set up bandwidth usage, and set which times of the day you desire your computer system to set up spots– you do not desire to be disrupted in the middle of a video gaming session.

7. Set up ease of access settings

The latest variation of Microsoft’s os is more available for everybody, turning the Ease of gain access to menu into the Accessibility menu on Windows11 The alternatives consist of color filters, text size, closed captions, and eye control. You can likewise pick Speech to check out the brand-new and better Windows Voice Typing experience.

8. Look at the battery

Windows 11 features a revamped and enhanced battery health screen. You can discover it by going to Settings, System, and Power & battery Compared to Windows 10, there’s a more comprehensive breakdown of how your battery level modifications in time, and what’s triggering battery drain. Scroll down and choice Battery use to see which apps have actually drawn your computer system’s energy the most considering that you last linked your laptop computer to a power outlet.

9. Switch On HDR

HDR (High Dynamic Range) handles the balance in between the darkest and the lightest locations of whatever’s on screen, making certain you see all information. Windows 10 supported the function, however Windows 11 includes a lot more, consisting of video gaming assistance. To set this up, from Settings pick System, Display, and HDR Keep in mind that the choices you see on the screen will depend upon the HDR assistance your PC’s display screen deals.

10 Keep in mind external screens

On Windows 10, detaching an external display will move all of your application windows back onto the main screen. This forces you to move them once again from scratch when you reconnect the display. Windows 11 can keep in mind secondary display screen designs: From Settings go to System, Display, and Multiple display screens, and inspect the box identified Remember window areas based on display connection

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