Saving lives, food drives and other news

Our monthly roundup of news about cans and metal packaging from around the world. 

Canned goods at top of list for hurricane relief supplies

Hospitals, schools, and communities across the country collected relief supplies for hurricane-ravaged regions in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico in recent weeks. Charities and food banks distributing supplies say high-protein, canned non-perishables make the best donations.

How canned water is helping save lives in Puerto Rico

CannedWater4Kids, a non-profit that sells canned water, partnered with American Red Cross and American Airlines to bring clean water to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Within 24 hours of receiving the request, the organization had 29,000 pounds of safe drinking water on its way to hurricane victims.

Food drives inspire as holiday season nears

Colorado State University’s 31st annual “CANS around the Oval Event” yielded astonishing results. Students collected a total of 42,293 pounds of canned, nonperishable food items and raised $56,349 in cash donations. The event rallies the community and supports a local network of 85 food banks.

Aluminum: the most recycled drink packaging in the world

According to a recent study conducted by Resource Recycling Systems, aluminum cans are the most recycled drink packaging globally. Aluminum is successfully recycled at an average rate of 69 percent in comparison to plastic at 43 percent and glass at 46%.

Globalization of canned cocktails

After noticing the success of canned wines and cocktails in U.S. grocers, Victoria Chow, a young entrepreneur, is taking this phenomenon to Hong Kong. Chow is the first to bring this practical and effective form of beverage packaging to China. Not only will this increase the quality of her company’s beverages, she says, the cans’ labels will feature the art of a local designer.

King Oscars a leader in can packaging innovation

Norwegian seafood giant, King Oscar, has increased its customer satisfaction by developing a state-of-the-art “Easy Peal®” heat-sealed, aluminum foil opening to its mackerel can. This packaging enhancement aims to create a safer and easier consumer experience.