Fake news in food science, canned beer’s birthday and more headlines

Canned goods news

Our monthly roundup of news about cans and metal packaging from around the world…

Fake news: Health and safety edition

The peculiar digital-age problem with misinformation passing itself off as credible news swept into the public lexicon following last year’s elections. But in the world of food science, fake news is old news — and nowhere is that more apparent than in the ongoing controversy surrounding BPA.

This day in history: The first canned beer was sold

During Prohibition, engineers at the American Can Company figured out how to contain beer in an aluminum container. The law finally changed in 1933, and on January 24 Americans got their first taste of canned beer. The rest is history, though a little hazy.

How processed food saved the world

Before we learned how to mass-produce and safely store food, humans spent massive portions of their waking hours growing or procuring sustenance and preparing meals. And the poor were confined to diets of “coarse bread (stretched with sawdust and tree bark), corn porridges, rice gruels, boiled potatoes and nary a fresh fruit or vegetable in sight.” Canned foods helped change all that.

Online grocery sales set to surge

The Food Marketing Institute projects that American consumers will spend 20 percent of their grocery budgets online by 2015. Center-of-store products like canned goods will gain even faster adoption with internet shoppers, a shift that could radically reconfigure the grocery store of the future.

Creative canned food drives: Have fun while giving back

From soup-er hero themed drives to neighborhood pantry cleanouts, there are lots of ways to help jump-start a food drive. And it’s worth it, for the decluttering, for the fun and, far more importantly, for the help you can deliver to those in need.