Earthquake, hurricane relief in a can and other headlines


Our monthly roundup of news about cans and metal packaging from around the world

Beer company fills cans with water for Mexico’s earthquake victims

Two devastating earthquakes struck Mexico in September and Heineken subsidiary Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma is helping recover efforts in a big way. Last year, the company received government clearance to produce a yearly stockpile of 70,000 cans of water in case of national emergency, which was quickly distributed in the wake for the 7.1 quake on September 19.  The company announced earlier this month that it will halt beer production at a nearby plant and produce an additional 1 million cans of water.

Canned goods are at top of list for hurricane-relief needs

As Puerto Rico reels in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, organizations across the nation need donations, including non-perishable canned foods. Find more information here about donating canned goods. Meanwhile, more than 100,000 cans of fresh water have already been shipped to Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas, and more are on their way to Puerto Rico and Florida, thanks to CannedWater4Kids.

Vending machine that eats cans

To incentivize recycling, Singapore is making headlines with new vending machines that collect empty cans and pay users with cash and coupons. The company leading this initiative, Incom Recycling, hopes to install 500 in food courts, shopping malls, schools, and office buildings through the country.

Mother and son collect cans for a good cause

This summer a mother and son from Jamestown, New York, set out collecting cans for 6 cents a pop to raise money for their community’s annual Step Up for Autism celebration. As word spread to their neighbors and friends, they watched their small idea evolve into a wildly successful campaign.

Beverages in cans encourage more frequent consumption

Cracking open an ice-cold can of your favorite drink is a full-on sensory experience. According to a recent study, that’s why consumers find canned beverages more refreshing and tastier than beverages packaged in bottles.