A million can tabs for charity, mobile canners and craft beer and other headlines

Our monthly roundup of news about cans and metal packaging from around the world …

Students work to collect 1 million aluminum can tabs

While aluminum cans can be efficiently recycled in their entirety, the tabs on top are among the most valuable components. Tabs are usually made of high-grade aluminum. And they’re clean and small, making them easy to collect. That’s likely why, in Florida, one fourth-grade class is nearing the end of an incredibly lofty goal: Collect 1 million tabs from aluminum cans for charity.

Mobile canners play huge role for craft beers

Small, independent brewing companies often struggle to get their products to consumers, but thanks to nomadic canning companies, these microbrews can afford to can thousands of their products without having to spend a fortune on equipment. Now, breweries can make ends meet (and hopefully thrive) in an industry that was proving difficult for startups, even in locations that would appear to discourage organic growth. This trend has become more and more prevalent over the past few years, and may have the power to alter the microbrew landscape.

New resealable and reusable top to address hygiene worries

Have you ever wondered about the cleanliness of that beer or soda can top before you take a sip? Well, SmarterSeal hopes to quell your worries with a resealable and reusable top that promises 100 percent protection against bacteria. Packaging Digest sat down with the developer of SmarterSeal to discuss the product and how it could quickly find its way into homes everywhere.

That’s no can – it’s an engineering feet!

From Interesting Engineering, the science behind one of mankind’s most prevalent storage containers. For such a simple vessel, the aluminum can-making process is an involved one, and the intricacies that go into making them are baffling.

Groups partner on aluminum bottle can machinery

As years progress, advancements in the way products are packaged are near constant. Recently, Drawing and Wall Ironing (DWI) Bottle Cans have become all the rage, as they provide companies with improved freedom of design. With the new partnership of two leading companies in this space, Schuler Group and TMC, DWI could potentially alter the aluminum can industry in regions across the globe.